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(Master Mus Status (1)

She stopped right behind him, lowering herself slightly and grabbing his hand.

He turned around when he felt the cold touch on his hand. She put her other hand onto his forehead and noticed that his temperature had returned to normal, so she was relieved. “What’s up? Are you thinking about Lingtian again?”

She remembered that he had behaved the same way the day before Qing Ming . He had also gotten sick and was hiding something on his mind.

“Are they all asleep?” he asked quietly as he put his arm over her shoulder.

“Mmm, maybe you should sleep in another room for now since our son is easily woken up in the middle of the night. I want to…”

“Leave it to Aunt Lin and Aunt Fang. You shouldn’t overexert yourself at the moment,” Mu Yuchen interrupted Xi Xiaye before she could even finish her sentence.

She was way too concerned about their son! He was the one who married her. She should be staying with him. Why else did he hire all the servants?


“No buts. Aunt Lin and Aunt Fang are very experienced. Just let them handle it. Grandmother also wants to help. Your job now is to recover your health. There’s a lot of work waiting for you to do after you’ve recovered. Let them take care of our son. There’s Xiao Rui, our parents, and grandparents around us, so don’t worry.”

He looked at her intently. With her past trauma, she might just spend most of her time in the future with Xiao Cheng and Xiao Rui, and with work taking up another large chunk of her time, there was not really much time left. She would want to spend time with the elders as well. Then, what would become of him?

Master Mu was getting unhappy as he thought about it. He realized she had always been the top priority for him, but he might not always be the top priority for her. At least, for now, the one sleeping in the next room was almost more important than him.

He had to take precautionary measures.

“That’s their concern. We as parents should show more concern as well. That’s how we bond with them. We have to start educating them since young. Our relationship should be developed from now on,” Xi Xiaye replied.

He studied her for a while before turning around without a word and going to bed.

Xi Xiaye frowned. As she was about to head over, she heard her son’s loud wailing, so she quickly walked towards the baby room.

Mu Zicheng was wide awake and crying really loudly. Aunt Lin and Sis Wang rushed over when they heard the noise, and they were all trying to calm him down.

“Is Little Master’s diaper wet?”

“Missus, Little Master might be hungry.”

“Where are his toys?”

For some reason, Mu Zicheng went totally mad with his crying this time around. Luckily, the room was soundproof, or else even Wang Hui downstairs might hear him too. Mu Yuchen could still hear his loud wailing from the master bedroom.

Xi Xiaye took her child from Aunt Lin and started to comfort him. “Don’t cry, my baby. What’s wrong? I’m here. It’s alright.”

The few of them took turns holding him, but Mu Zicheng never stopped crying.

They changed his diaper and tried to feed him, but he did not want any food. Xi Xiaye was really tense as she looked at Sis Wang. “Sis Wang, is the baby not feeling well somewhere?”

Things had been fine in the hospital. With all the experienced nurses around, Mu Zicheng was quiet and well-behaved. He had never acted like this before. Could it be because of the sudden change in the environment? He had been crying several times today already, and she spent a great deal of effort putting him to sleep just now. Alas, now he woke up again in just half an hour!

“Don’t worry, Missus. I suppose he’s not used to the new environment. I…”

“Give him to me.”

Before Sis Wang could finish her sentence, a deep voice came from behind her. They looked back and saw Mu Yuchen walking over wearing his black sleeping robe. He looked pretty calm. However, he did shoot Xi Xiaye an odd glance when he walked up to her.

Xi Xiaye coughed slightly before handing the baby over to him as she turned her face away.

Mu Yuchen lowered his body slightly to hold his son. He awkwardly tried to imitate the nurses in the hospital as he lightly tapped Mu Zicheng’s butt to comfort him. “Father’s here. What are you crying about?”

His tone was gentle. Maybe the little thing noticed the man was his own father, so he clenched his fists and stopped crying. He looked at Mu Yuchen as he waved his arms around.

“Are you trying to show me something? Hmm?”

“Let Aunt Lin put you to sleep. Here we go.”

Mu Yuchen handed the little thing to Aunt Lin after a while. However, Mu Zicheng seemed to know what he was saying, and he started crying again the moment Aunt Lin held him. Mu Yuchen quickly took him back.

It happened several times. Every time Mu Yuchen let go of him, the little thing would continue crying, and then stop when Mu Yuchen held him again.

Xi Xiaye was surprised to see what was happening. She gave the father-son pair a doubtful glance.

Did her son actually like his father holding him?

Even Aunt Lin and Sis Wang were shocked. They looked at the father-son pair and smiled. “Master, it seems like Little Master really likes you. Elder Madam held him for quite some time in the afternoon and he wouldn’t stop as well. He only slept after Missus held him, and now he’s so comfortable in your arms. Could it be a special bond between father and son?” Sis Wang giggled.

Mu Yuchen looked at the little thing in his arms for a while. He took a deep breath and turned towards his little woman. “Do I put him in the cradle?”

Xi Xiaye nodded. “Be careful. His ears are very sensitive.”

Mu Yuchen walked towards the cradle. As he was about to put Mu Zicheng down, his eyes opened the moment his little butt touched the surface. In shock, Mu Yuchen quickly held him again.





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