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(A Family Of Four (4)

The sky turned quiet as a gray tone shrouded the whole place. Darkness crept in slowly.

Inside the quiet and comfortable bedroom, Mu Yuchen stirred slightly after a day of sleep. He opened his eyes and put his hand onto his heavy head, glancing around as he sat up. His eyes returned to normal. When he turned around, he saw a huge pair of eyes watching him.

“Father, you’re awake?” Mu Zirui was lying beside the bed as he stared at Mu Yuchen intently.

“Xiao Rui? Why are you here? Where’s Mother?” Mu Yuchen took a deep breath and sat up.

Mu Zirui grabbed a glass of water and medicine on the table beside the bed and handed them to Mu Yuchen, “Have some water first, Father, and take your medicine. Mother is putting Brother to sleep. She told me to give you these when you wake up.”

Mu Yuchen smiled and patted Mu Zirui’s head before taking the water and medicine from him. Then, he quickly consumed the medicine.

Mu Yuchen had Mu Zirui sit on the bed and asked, “What time is it now?”

“The sky has turned dark already! Grandmother and the others have gone back home. Great-grandmother just fell asleep. Brother woke up the moment Mother finished her shower,” Mu Zirui touched Mu Yuchen’s forehead with his little hand. “Father, are you feeling unwell?’

Mu Yuchen grabbed his hand and asked, “I’m alright. Why aren’t you asleep yet?”

Mu Zirui gave it some thought before he gave Mu Yuchen a serious reminder. “I’ll sleep after Brother falls asleep since there’s no school tomorrow. Father, you need to wash your hands more frequently. It’ll be more difficult to get sick that way.”

Mu Yuchen chuckled. “Who told you that you can avoid getting sick by washing your hands frequently?”

“The teachers at the kindergarten. I also saw Mother wiping your face and hands.”

“Xiao Rui, there could be many reasons for a person to fall sick. Not washing your hands means not taking good care of personal hygiene which is one of the aspects. A lack of physical training could lead to getting sick as well. Don’t eat anything dirty too. That’s why you have to start training yourself in kindergarten. Play more with other children instead of just watching them like before. You’re not going to make friends like that. Understand?”

Mu Yuchen patted Mu Zirui’s head. He was surprised at himself for saying so much to this kid even though he was not particularly a talkative person.

Mu Zirui nodded. He thought about something again before asking, “Father, if I don’t like someone, should I still play with him?”

“You don’t like him? Why not?” Mu Yuchen leaned against the bedhead as he asked.

“Because he doesn’t let the other children play with me.”

“Then, you’ll have to come up with a way to make other children play with you. Remember that you cannot fight in school. If there’s anything you can’t solve, then come home and discuss it with us. Back when I was in kindergarten, I was the boss of the whole place. Even the teachers were impressed. Teachers always like children that have good grades and are influential over other children. Do you understand what I’m saying?” Mu Ycuhen tried to simplify what he was trying to say.

Mu Zirui was a smart child, so he grabbed Mu Yuchen’s arm. “I understand, Father! I’ll do my best and be the boss!”

Mu Yuchen chuckled as he tapped Mu Zirui’s head. “Cheeky little thing! I told you to memorize both your mother’s and my number. Have you done it?”

“Yeap, yours is XXXX. Mother’s phone number is XXXX. Our house address is Maple Residence, number 9 in the Grand Waves Villa area, right, Father?”

“Good, you need to memorize Great-grandfather’s address and phone number as well. When I have some free time, I’ll bring you around City Z. At least, you’ll know how to get home if I leave you alone at the train station.”

Master Mu thought this knowledge was relevant to a kid.

“What are you guys talking about?”

Xi Xiaye came in through the side door and saw Mu Zirui lying on the bed looking at Mu Yuchen. The two of them were chatting about something. Mu Zirui looked like he was having fun as Mu Yuchen’s hand was on Mu Zirui’s head.

“Father said he’ll bring me to take the trains one day, Mother.” Mu Zirui turned his head the moment he heard Xi Xiaye’s voice.

“That will need to wait. It’s getting late now and you should go back to your room and sleep. I’ll read you some stories. Change into your pajamas quickly.”

Xi Xiaye glanced at Mu Yuchen and was relieved when she noticed he was not as pale as before. “Go and take a bath. I’ve prepared the water for you. I’ll go to Xiao Rui’s room.”

Mu Yuchen nodded. “Is our son asleep?”

“Yeap, he can be easily awakened. His ears are very sensitive and he’ll awaken at the slightest noise. Let’s go, Xiao Rui. Time to sleep.”

“Oh, goodnight, Father!”

“Goodnight.” Mu Yuchen took his hand away.

Mu Zirui’s room was right beside Mu Zicheng’s room. It was just a door away.

Xi Xiaye took out a clean set of pajamas and was about to change it for Mu Zirui. Unexpectedly, he hid under the blanket and popped out his head as he said, “Mother, I’ll change by myself. I read it in the book that I shouldn’t let girls see my body so easily.”

Xi Xiaye could not help but giggle after hearing Mu Zirui’s words. She gently knocked on Mu Zirui’s head. “Just how old do you think you are?! I just bathed you a few days ago. I’ve seen everything on you! You shouldn’t let girls see you when you grow up. I’m not a little girl.”


“No buts. Come out. I’m changing for you!”

Xi Xiaye dragged Mu Zirui out of the blanket and quickly changed him into his pajamas. Then, she read Mu Zirui several stories until he fell asleep.

Sis Wang served Mu Yuchen some supper. She also changed the bedsheets and the blanket.

He was standing beside the window, gazing out when Xi Xiaye got back to the bedroom, and he seemed a little lonely. She contemplated for a few moments before approaching him.




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