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(A Family Of Four (3)

As Xi Xiaye listened, she squinted her twinkling eyes and nodded. “Of course, I remember. I think that person might very possibly be Ah Shi’s father, but we couldn’t find any news about that person for a very long time, could we?”

“Mmm, he definitely noticed that we’ve been looking for him, so a lot of the information has been sealed. He’s very skilled at countering our investigations. I think that he should be the person bidding against Gu Lingsha at the auction. In fact, apart from us, Doris was also trailing after him.”

“Gu Lingsha’s mother? Why would she be trailing that person? Does she know the mysterious person too? In fact, are you sure the person chasing after him was Doris and not Gu Lingsha?” Xi Xiaye frowned and asked a little puzzled.

“It was definitely Doris, so based on my judgment, that pen should’ve been bid for by Doris and not Gu Lingsha.”

“Doris? Is she very close to Lingtian and Ah Shi? Otherwise, why would she… Why do I find some of these things so odd? Is there no way of finding out from Doris who she was chasing after?” Xi Xiaye clutched the glass in her hands tightly as she asked.

Although Mu Yuchen smiled, his gaze darkened slightly. “Even Doris herself doesn’t know who she was chasing after, but there weren’t many people whom she would spend so much effort into tracking down.”

“Have you guessed who that person is already?” She was all too familiar with his silent and bleak expression.

He kept quiet and leaned back against the chair before looking up at the sky and clouds outside the window. For a long while, he did not continue.

Deep in thought, Xi Xiaye turned to look at him and did not continue asking about it. She only gently patted his hand and got up unhurriedly. “When you’ve straightened things out, let me know. I want to know who this old trash man is too.” She then turned to leave the room.

Mu Yuchen turned his head and watched her figure vanish out of the door. His calm lips flashed with a smile. “When I’m sure, I’ll let you know.”

Then, the sound of a door closing came from outside while the phone in his pocket suddenly buzzed.

He took out his phone to see that it was Ah Bao.

“It’s me,” Mu Yuchen calmly answered.

“Master!” Ah Bao’s anxious voice came from the other end.

Mu Yuchen straightened up slightly and took the glass that Xi Xiaye had set aside on the table. He drank from it and said calmly, “Speak.”

In City B, Ah Bao, who was seated in the car, nodded and eased himself a little. “Master, we’ve found out who Bro Yong is. I’ve compared the information with him and found out that Bro Yong is a subordinate of the CEO of the Hui Gu Corporation, Gu Qiwu. Because he previously committed a crime, he’s been to jail. It was Gu Qiwu who secretly bailed him out. After that, he had been secretly working for Gu Qiwu, and he’s been very loyal to him ever since,” Ah Bao reported.

Mu Yuchen paused as bleakness colored his handsome face. He sighed deeply and leaned back against the chair before quietly closing his eyes and lifting a hand to cover his forehead. He only opened them after a long while to look out at the blue sky and the white clouds outside the window. Then, he blinked quite a few times before looking down quietly at his hands as if there was something dirty on them.

“I even found out that Gu Qiwu’s assistant had been at the place Miss Mu Zi bought in Xiang She Residences years ago,” Ah Bao added on.

Mu Yuchen calmly lowered his gaze, slowly stood up, and propped himself up with one hand against the window. He fell silent for a long while before saying a little wistfully and softly, “Find a way to get Gu Qiwu’s DNA. I’ll get someone to send Lingshi over. I want you to do this DNA report abroad. Find a few more authoritative doctors.”

“Yes, Master,” Ah Bao answered while Mu Yuchen had already hung up. The phone in his hand slipped and fell onto the table beside him.

Why was it him?

It really was him…

Mu Yuchen propped himself up weakly against the window in front of him as an indescribable gloominess rose in his throat. If that were true, would that mean that Lingtian had known for a long time already?

If that were true, then he could only scoff bitterly and ridicule his own sorrow.

His head felt immensely heavy, and his eyes dimmed with blurriness. After that, he had to set the glass down and turn around to leave the bedroom.

Downstairs, Zhuang Shurong and the servants busied themselves, and lunch was soon served. Xi Xiaye had also been waiting on the sofa downstairs for a long while, yet she did not see Mu Yuchen, so she had to carefully go upstairs again.

He was gone from the bedroom, but she did find him lying down and sleeping on the lounge chair in the study room by the shelf.

Xi Xiaye thought about it, then walked over and reached out to gently push him, “Don’t sleep now, wake up and have some food before sleeping again.”

Just as her fingers touched his wrist, she could clearly feel his temperature boiling. She glanced at his tightly shut eyes again, and it was clear that he slept incredibly uneasily. From the crease between his brows, she could see that he was suffering. Xi Xiaye was immediately shocked, so she quickly reached out to feel his forehead.

Indeed, he was burning!

Was he not alright just earlier?

How did he get so feverish so quickly?

Xi Xiaye looked at him with concern as she held his hand tightly and shouted, “Someone! Come quick!”

Zhuang Shurong, who had just walked up, quickly rushed in when she heard Xi Xiaye’s shouts. “What’s wrong?”

“Mother, he has a fever. He’s burning! Quickly send him to the hospital!”

When Zhuang Shurong heard her exclamation, her expression turned solemn. She quickly took her phone out and was about to make the call when Mu Yuchen suddenly lifted a hand to push her phone away. He opened his eyes and said weakly, “I’m fine. I just caught a cold. Mother, go downstairs first. Xiaye, just help me to the bed to lie down for a bit.”

“You’re very feverish. Why are you still trying to be strong? Mother, please call for Dr. Zhong to make a visit. I’ll help him to the room to lie down.” Xi Xiaye took a look at him and sighed helplessly before bending down to help him up.

“You can’t. Let Sis Wang do it.” Mu Yuchen did not forget her physical condition.

“I’m fine. I can. You be careful. You were fine earlier. How did you suddenly get a fever?”

Xi Xiaye’s brows frowned into a knot, yet Mu Yuchen did not have the energy to answer. When they reached the bedroom, he just fell to the bed, and everything after that was a blur.

He only faintly remembered Xi Xiaye covering him with a blanket, and then Dr. Zhong seemed to have come and put him on an intravenous drip. Later, the woman seemed to have helped him change and wipe his body. He felt his body fluctuate between feeling cold and hot, and only after that did his condition gradually ease a little.




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