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(A Family Of Four (2)

They had just reached Maple Residence when they could hear laughter from afar. Xi Xiaye could recognize that it was Shen Yue and Mu Yinan’s cheerful banter.

“We’re home. Let’s go down.”

The car drove straight into Maple Residence and stopped at the cement pavement by the stairs in front of the villa.

Mu Yuchen got down the car first before reaching out to hold her.

“You’re back!”

“You’re finally back. Quickly come in. It’s cold outside. Don’t catch a cold now,” Zhuang Shurong immediately ordered the servants to help get their things.

“Mother, Grandpa, Grandfather!” Xi Xiaye called out gently as she held her son tightly with both hands. Mu Yinan and Shen Yue had already come over and were fighting to carry him.

“Let me see!”

“I want to carry him first, then you can go!”

Shen Yue walked over, his movements filled with vigor. He immediately reached out to carry Mu Zicheng as he cooed to him. Mu Yinan quickly walked over too.

Xi Xiaye watched them as her beautiful face flushed with a faint smile. She subconsciously turned to look at the man beside her who remained calm, yet there was a tenderness in his eyes. He noticed her gaze, and a faint delight colored his handsome face.


At this moment, two friendly-looking middle-aged women came to Xi Xiaye and respectfully bowed to greet her.

“Missus, these are the two maternity matrons that I’ve just gotten for you. This is Aunt Ling, and this is Aunt Fang,” Sis Wang came up to introduce.

Mu Yuchen was worried that she would not be taken good care of at home, so he found two maternity matrons for her. Including her and the other servants, there should be seven to eight people in the entire Maple Residence. It was the first time Maple Residence was this lively. While it always used to be desolate with not many people in the huge house, it was now very lively.

Xi Xiaye nodded gently at them. “I’ll have to trouble all of you then.”

“No need to be courteous with us. This is what we should be doing,” the two of them replied respectfully. Clearly, they were well-trained persons.

“We’ll go upstairs first. Let me help you up,” Mu Yuchen who kept quiet finally spoke up.

Xi Xiaye nodded, she turned to the sofa in the living room and saw Shen Yue was still playing with Mu Zicheng, she smiled, and then let him help her upstairs.

The entire room was already changed beyond recognition. The initial style was changed to a warmer one with light beige as the main tone. It looked elegant and fresh, bringing cheer and light-heartedness.

Although it was just a short 20 odd days, she felt like it had been a century long. Thankfully, everything was fine. Otherwise, she really could not be sure that if anything happened to the child, she would break down…

Xi Xiaye pulled open the floor-length curtains, and what greeted her sight were the final buds of the peach blossoms in the backyard, and many unnamed purple and red flowers. On the side was the gleaming reflections from the swimming pool that refracted a faint golden light that swayed. One felt dazed just watching the entire scenery.

“What are you thinking about?”

As someone’s unique scene closed in from behind, her slender body was engulfed in his embrace, and his slightly warm and dry hands held her cold ones. She felt warmth chasing away the final traces of coldness that she caught from outside. She then said softly, “Nothing. Did you find the person who pushed me?”

As she said this, she turned and met his gaze. “I think that it wouldn’t have been Xi Xinyi, but since that person dares to mess with our child, I can’t let go of them. Even if Xiao Cheng is fine, we can’t just let go of someone so evil. Do you know that if you didn’t reach in time, our child might’ve been…”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t protect you well.” His tone was a little down while his long arms abruptly tightened. “This won’t happen ever again.”

Xi Xiaye smiled calmly as she lifted a hand to poke at his knitted brows. “It’s got nothing to do with you. You’ve always done great. It was my own neglect. You’ve opened your wings to hold up the sky for me, so I should work a little harder to catch up with you. I don’t want to be a burden to you. I’m worried that you can’t be as free as you were before because of me.”

“The evening you returned from City B, Qi Lei came looking for me. He told me that Gu Lingsha’s joined Qi Kai for work, and has become the other person-in-charge of the South River project. Now that the South River project has begun, there ‘ll be many things that we need to handle in time. I don’t want to look into what this all means. I just hope that you can be more cautious.”

“What are you thinking about? You will never be a burden to me. Being free and unaffected is only for those who’ve got nothing much to lose, Xiaye.” He sighed as he suddenly held her by the shoulders and turned her around to face him. His deep eyes were filled with sentiments that could not be concealed. “You have never been a burden to me. I married you not to become a good wife. We can’t escape these responsibilities. As for those matters, just leave it to me. I know what to do.”

“Ever since you returned from City B, you have had a lot on your mind, did you find out something?”

Xi Xiaye thought about it, and did not continue the topic earlier, today when she discharged, she thought about this.

Mu Yuchen lifted a hand to hold up his heavy head, then pointed to the chair on the side. “Have a seat first, and I’ll explain it briefly to you.”

Xi Xiaye did as she was told, and followed his guidance to sit on the chair. Mu Yuchen handed her a glass of warm water before sitting down beside her.

“I met Gu Qiwu the other day.”

“Gu Qiwu? Gu Lingsha’s father?” Xi Xiaye lowered her head to drink as she said softly.

Mu Yuchen nodded. “That’s right. He’s Gu Lingsha’s father. I’m sure you know a little about what happened at the auction.”

“Mmm, I’ve asked Li Si. He said that you used that pen as an item to put up for auction, and after that Gu Lingsha used the highest bid of $8.5 million to get the pen. I know why you did it, but after that, you couldn’t find that person. Instead, that pen fell into Gu Lingsha’s hands.”

As Xi Xiaye spoke, she frowned. “Why would Gu Lingsha bid for the pen? Could it have been for Lingtian?”

“That may not be it. I think that we’ve overestimated how much Lingtian could’ve affected Gu Lingsha. Remember that mysterious man we met at Lingtian’s tombstone the other time?” Mu Yuchen’s unfathomable eyes started to turn dark as he turned and fixed his eyes on Xi Xiaye.




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