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(A Family Of Four(1)

When Xi Xiaye finished packing up, Mu Yuchen walked into the room at the same time.

Xi Xiaye had already changed into casual clothes and wore on a light beige mid-length coat. Inside, she wore a long and thick blouse while her long hair was casually tied up into a bun and hidden underneath a beanie of the same color. She still looked frail. However, the weather was pretty good, and her beautiful face had some blushes of faint crimson.

Mu Yuchen looked at the bag by the bedside and asked gently, “All packed up?”

When she heard him, Xi Xiaye turned to him, nodding happily and impatiently pulling his hand as she said calmly, “Actually, I’ve already pretty much recovered. It’s just that I had to stay in the hospital for so long. I couldn’t stay any longer. I’ve been waiting to go home. You can’t keep bossing me around like you did in the hospital. I’m not that delicate. In fact, I’ve completely recovered now.”

“Completely recovered?” He squinted his eyes and looked contemplatively at her. His gaze very quickly fell to the belly band that was still around her waist. “I’ll know once I check.”

Then, his slender hands reached for her waist.


Xi Xiaye could not say anything when she was pulled into his embrace. His long arms tightened, and without a word, he immediately lowered his head to get a few minutes of sweetness. Unexpectedly—

“Cough cough.”

An aged cough came, shocking Xi Xiaye. She quickly pushed him away while he was fast enough to hold her steady. “Careful!”

She breathed in before turning to look at the door only to see Wang Hui standing at the door and smiling.

“Grandmother!” Xi Xiaye called out as she pushed the man beside her away. Her beautiful face flashed with an awkward blush.

Wang Hui coughed lightly again and smiled. “Ah Chen, didn’t he doctor tell you? The first three months are very important. Remember, it’s not a joking matter!”

Xi Xiaye could not quite react, but Wang Hui continued to use that odd gaze as she looked at the man beside her. After that, she realized what she meant, and then her little face quickly reddened while the man beside her remained quite calm as if he did not see Wang Hui’s expression that rejoiced in someone else’s misfortune.

“Done with all the procedures?” he calmly asked.

When she saw the hint of embarrassment in Mu Yuchen’s eyes, Wang Hui laughed to herself. ‘This boy can usually barely handle it, but now he’ll have to suffer for quite some time.’

“Done, we can leave now. I’ve told the nurse to bring the baby over. My good little great-grandson!” Wang Hui glanced at the husband and wife again before she turned to leave the room smugly.

Xi Xiaye then held her chest and sighed. She waved a fist at him in annoyance. “Why are you always like this? My reputation’s gone!”

Mu Yuchen raised his handsome brows to object. “There are more days to come for you to lose your reputation. Besides, everyone’s well aware… Tss…”

Before he could finish, pain immediately came from his waist. He endured it and looked down at her smiling face, yet her hand that pinched his waist increased in intensity.

“Missus, your all-powerful King Kong finger… has been trained well…”

“Mr. Mu, your honorable and elegant image of the past is gone forever.” Her calm lips flashed with a faint smile. Then, she slowly let go of him.

“Touchè. In fact, Missus, I’m now doubting whether you have the potential of transforming into a hot mom.”

“You’re the hot mom!”

After a while, Wang Hui and the nurse carried Mu Zicheng over, and they all packed up to make their way out of the hospital.

However, they could not hide this news from the media. The moment they walked out, the large group of reporters that waited outside the hospital swarmed up with no other reason than to get firsthand news about this family of three.

Before this, because Mu Yuchen had managed security very well, Xi Xiaye did not get disrupted by the media. Otherwise, the media would have knocked the door down.

Li Si brought a group of bodyguards with him as they tried to open up the path ahead. Mu Yuchen held Xi Xiaye by the shoulders too, carefully protecting her in his arms, and they finally got into the car.

Inside the car, Xi Xiaye handed her son to Mu Yuchen. “Carry him for a bit, will you? My arms are tired. Why are there so many reporters?”

Mu Yuchen carefully carried the little guy and quietly put him on his lap as he held the upper half of his body. Then, he lifted a hand to fix her messy fringe on her forehead. “They probably found out the news about you getting discharged from somewhere. Don’t worry. We’ll just get Li Si to organize a press conference.”

“Mmm, I’ll leave it to you.”

“Father and Mother will come over for dinner tonight. The university semester has just begun, so they’re a little busy.”

“Mmm, I almost forgot that University A’s semester should’ve begun by now. Right, how’re Father and Mother..?” She looked up at him, and then lowered her head again, she reached out to gently play around with her son’s little hand.

“Father already moved to Mother’s lecturers’ dormitory. Don’t worry. They’re doing very well. Xiao Ru and Little Apple have been with them there. At night, they return to the Shen residence together. Once Grandpa gets home, Mother will mostly be done with the dishes.”

Xi Xiaye nodded. “That’s good then. Luckily, Grandpa has Xiao Ru to play with. Oh, I thought about letting Xiao Ru stay at the Shen residence on Mondays to Fridays, and during the weekend, he should come home to Maple Residence. It’s better for a child to live with their parents. We can prepare a small room for Xiao Ru beside Xiao Cheng’s baby room.”

“As you wish. Xiao Ru’s room is prepared, so don’t worry. The child fancies it. He’s just waiting for you and our son to be discharged and get home.”

“It seems like Xiao Ru like babies. Every time I go to see the baby, I see him lean against the glass window, watching the baby fall asleep.”

“They’ll definitely be very good brothers in the future,” responded Mu Yuchen with a smile. He also reached out his long fingers to gently poke at his son’s soft cheeks. “My son, call Father… Your eyes are so huge. Is it cause you don’t recognize me and your mother?”

Xi Xiaye leaned over and said softly, “He’s still so young. do you think he’ll answer? But I do notice that when he looks at you, his eyes are especially bright as if he recognizes your voice.”

When Mu Yuchen saw that, he quickly reached out his long arms to hug her frail shoulders. “My son’s smart. Of course, he can recognize me.”




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