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(The Stronger The Light The Darker The Shadow (4)

Yet, upon hearing Xi Xiaye say that, Xi Xinyi was relieved! She closed her eyes and sighed.

This would finally help her side a little!

The shadow of a black car!

Yes, it was a black car.

“That’s right. The car was indeed black in color, but I didn’t notice it then. I just thought it was a car parked by the roadside. I didn’t think there were people in the car. I remember when I drove over, the car wasn’t parked there. It only came after that.” Xi Xinyi squinted her eyes and tried hard to recall.

Xi Xiaye became alert when she thought about it, so she asked, “Why were you there?”

Xi Xinyi became rigid and her expression was a little gray while her gaze darkened. She thought about it and decided there was no need to keep it a secret. She sighed. “I went to look for Father. I couldn’t find him at his apartment, so I went to West Park. Unexpectedly, I bumped into him, so…”

“Went looking for Father? Because of your mother?” Xi Xiaye asked.

Xi Xinyi shook her head. “No, I know that the thing with my mother is already set in stone. She’s just a crippled person now. Father gave her quite a few years of monetary expenses at the rehabilitation center, so I have nothing else to say about that. I went to look for Father because I wanted him to persuade you, to help me beg Yifeng and tell him to return the child to me. I’ve been suffering these recent days. I feel hopeless. I can’t lose my child. I’ve got nothing left… Nothing! I can’t lose my child too.”

When Xi Xinyi said this, she could not help but cover her face with both hands as she cried softly.

Xi Xiaye watched quietly with an oddly indifferent expression. She did not feel any pity. If she could have thought things through at the start, she would not have ended up where she was today.

“I told you that I’m helpless in this matter. Han Yifeng has his own thoughts, and I don’t have a way to change him. Since you want your child, you should have immediately gone after him when he first left. You should’ve left this place and returned to where the both of you had once loved each other, San Francisco. Even though we can’t turn back time, everything could’ve been started anew. Han Yifeng has actually given you many chances. You just didn’t appreciate them yourself.”

Xi Xiaye’s tone was extremely cold as she lowered her gaze and flipped another page of the document. “About the matter between you and Han Yifeng, I want no part of it. I told you, the moment Han Yifeng chose you, the fate between me and him was put out. Now, I only want to be by Mu Yuchen’s side. I admit that I did like Han Yifeng before this, but that was also just a matter of the past. Right now, the person I love will forever only be Mu Yuchen. I hope that the people I care about can live peacefully. My baseline has always been this, Xi Xinyi.”

As Xi Xiaye said this, she looked up at Xi Xinyi again. The light in her twinkling eyes was bright and clear. Her expression was filled with determination.

“It’s not wise to be venting all of your anger and resentment onto me. Hatred and jealousy can kill someone’s conscience. You are now a mother too, so you should consider it as gaining karma for your child. Let go of everything and start over. Be a good example to your child and let him have a mother he can be proud of. Otherwise, what do you think a woman lives for? What else is there for you to lose right now? You’ve even sacrificed yourself.”

As Xi Xinyi wept, her hands that covered her face were filled with tears. She looked wan and sallow in her sorry state. As she thought about how well-regarded she had been more than a year ago compared to how she was right now, the stark comparison made her feel pathetic.

“I will tell Mu Yuchen and explain it to him. I hope you can cooperate and find the person who did it. That person might very well be our common enemy right now. You should go home,” Xi Xiaye calmly asked her to leave.

Xi Xinyi sniffed and stood up. She lifted a sleeve to wipe away her tears. Her wet eyes were misty as she looked at Xi Xiaye on the sickbed who did not even look up at her. Although she wanted to say something, she stopped. In the end, she did not say anything before she quietly departed.

When Mu Yuchen came over at night, Xi Xiaye was holding her son, Mu Zicheng, who had just been coaxed to sleep. She softly told Mu Yuchen about her conversation with Xi Xinyi, lamenting a little helplessly, “I think Xi Xinyi has changed quite a lot in terms of her mindset recently. Perhaps it’s enlightenment after a few months of decline. At least, she’s now a mother who cares about her child.”

Mu Yuchen did not answer. An apathetic coldness flashed in his eyes.

So what?

No matter how enlightened Xi Xinyi had become, as long as he held those bits of dirt on her, he would not be worried that she would play any tricks. Besides, for someone as merciless as him, apart from Xi Xiaye whom he acknowledged as a good woman, all other women were the same to him. He would never hesitate to take them on.

Moments after that, he softly asked her, “Do you trust that she could still turn over a new leaf?”

Xi Xiaye shook her head. “I don’t know about that. To me, it doesn’t mean much, but to Father, it might mean something different.”

She was now a mother too, so the bond of blood was very hard to explain.

Mu Yuchen nodded. He understood how she felt. Just like him and Lingtian, even if he knew that he had betrayed him, apart from lamenting about it, he felt even more disappointed. Even so, he could not begin to hate him.

He leaned down slightly and reached out his long fingers to gently poke at his son’s soft cheeks in Xi Xiaye’s arms. He said in a deep voice, “You should worry about this less. Recover well and raise our son well. How did he fall asleep so quickly? He just had his eyes open and was staring at me.”

“Babies are like that. They sleep when they’re full. In a while more, you can amuse him. I’m sure he’ll laugh.”

Xi Xiaye stopped talking and looked down at her son sleeping comfortably in her arms. Her calm lips curled with tenderness. She could not help but plant a soft kiss on her son’s forehead.

Mu Yuchen’s eyes revealed an odd glow. He watched her before gently pinching his son’s little arm.

It was so tiny!

Master Mu pinched it, and then his handsome brows furrowed into a knot. He could not help but sigh. “He’s so little. When can he grow up?”

“He’ll be growing day by day. Children grow very quickly, and they look different every day. Why are you so anxious?” Xi Xiaye shot him a glance.

“I already found two very experienced maternity matrons. They’re quite good. You can see them for yourself when you’re discharged in two days. If you’re not happy with them, we can switch them up again.”



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