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(The Stronger The Light The Darker The Shadow(2)

Xi Xiaye smiled and hugged him for a long while before finally letting him go. Sucking a deep breath in, she still felt a little traumatized when she thought about what happened on New Year’s Eve. She had almost…

Fortunately, he arrived in time and protected them both.

“Do you remember what happened that day?” Mu Yuchen suddenly asked. He refrained from asking her such questions these past few days because he was worried that her condition was still unstable, and Li Si’s investigation should be finishing up soon.

That day?

Xi Xiaye frowned as her body shuddered slightly. She did not seem like herself.

She just remembered Xi Xinyi had suddenly crashed into her. It was too fast for her to react, and her mind had gone blank afterwards.

Mu Yuchen was observing her reactions. He held her shoulders and continued, “Xi Xinyi said she was pushed from behind and then crashed into you. I don’t think she has the guts to lie. Did you hear anything at that time? Xi Xinyi said that person was in the car behind her. You should have at least heard the sound of the car if what she said was true. Can you think of anything?”

Xi Xiaye put a hand on her forehead as she was trying to recall the entire timeline. She felt a slight headache as she was thinking about it as hard as she could. Quietly, she mumbled, “Car… Car… I think I heard it. It was a black car… black…”

Xi Xiaye somehow remembered the tiny details after he reminded her. Before she fell unconscious, she saw a black shadow, so that should be it.

Xi Xinyi…

There was no point for her to do this. She knew it would not give her anything she wanted, or maybe Han Yifeng’s cold treatment caused Xi Xinyi to dump all her hatred onto her.

Would their conflict still continue?

Xi Xiaye’s eyes turned cold as her face stiffened as well.

“So, you’re saying that you’re sure you saw a black car drive past?”

Xi Xiaye nodded as her tone of voice sounded determined. “Mmm, it’s very quiet around West Park, and there aren’t usually a lot of traffic there. Cars rarely drive past, and there weren’t really any other cars at that time, so I’m pretty sure.”

Mu Yuchen took a deep breath as he grabbed her slightly cold hands. The expression in his eyes looked fierce and serious. “I’ll find the person who did this to you.”

“Mmm, how’s Xi Xinyi now?” Xi Xiaye asked.

“Li Si got someone to keep an eye on her. She seems to be quite distraught these past few days,” Mu Yuchen replied after receiving the news daily from Li Si.

Xi Xiaye’s expression looked complicated. “Han Yifeng’s absence with her child seems to have a huge impact on her. She came to me before as you saw that day when I was talking to Su Nan in the hospital. She wants me to help convince Han Yifeng and return her child to her. However, I told her that there’s nothing I can do. I have no idea how she has the audacity to make such a request of me. How can she be so sure that I’d be able to convince Han Yifeng? It’s between them after all.” She found it ridiculous.

Mu Yuchen had a mysterious smile on his face while his tone sounded odd. “If you actually tell Han Yifeng, he might really do it. Don’t underestimate your influence.”

“What do you mean?” She blinked her eyes and looked at him in doubt.

He smiled and looked downward at her hand. His grip became tighter as he sighed. “I think Han Yifeng thinks of you very highly now. Apart from feeling guilty, there might be some other things involved.”

Some other things?

Xi Xiaye’s eyes looked empty, but they returned to normal moments later as she smiled. “It’s not a bad thing to maintain a certain image to someone. A person’s feelings are sensitive and fragile.”

“Are you worried about him?” he asked with a frown.

Xi Xiaye rolled her eyes at him. She put her hands on his cheeks and their lips met with each other’s. Their tongues explored each other’s mouth as things got heated up.

He closed his eyes and enjoyed this moment.

However, he did not take advantage of the situation and stopped when it was appropriate.

Xi Xiaye’s eyes were dreamy when she backed off. She looked at him seriously and asked, “Are you feeling jealous right now, Mr. Mu? It’s been so long. Let the past stay in the past.”

He opened his eyes and saw her cheerful smile. Then, he turned away and coughed. “What a heartless woman! I’m jealous? Do I have to be jealous of him? Don’t even think about comparing us!”

She chuckled as she saw him act that way. She planted a kiss on his cheek and teased, “Mr. Mu, I realize that you’re really cute when you’re fussy.”

The man, who was able to keep calm when closing a deal worth billions, blushed as he stared at this happy woman beside him.


Did she just use that word to describe Mu Yuchen?

He adjusted her falling coat after she was done laughing.

“By the way, get Xi Xinyi to come over. I want to see her.”

In the end, Xi Xiaye decided to talk to Xi Xinyi again. She just wanted to find out what exactly happened. If Xi Xinyi really had pushed her on purpose, then…

Mu Yuchen looked into her eyes and then nodded. “You should talk to her.”




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