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 Me And My Daddi

Season 6

Episode 46

“I have to find someplace to live first and then figure out how to get my things from Travis.”

“Maybe we can help with that.”

Nia looked at Aleena. “How?”

“Larkin and I will go and pack up your stuff.”

“How will you get in?”

Aleena leaned forward. “You’ll have to give us the code, or we’ll all go over together in the morning when we know he’s at work.”

Nia felt hopeless and lonelier than she ever had. Oh, she knew she had good friends, but they had to stay with their daddies. “I need my car, but I don’t know where Trevor put it.”

“When’s the last time you’ve seen it?”

“In Colorado, when David, the cop, stopped me.”

Larkin smiled. “I love that story.”

Nia tried to smile, but her eyes filled, and a sob broke from her mouth.

The other two hugged her tightly as she cried. “I’ve never had to look for an apartment. How do I do it?”

“Let’s get on the computer in the office.”

Nia wiped her eyes and nodded. “I have to start somewhere.”

“I think we should go and get your stuff today,” Aleena said. “What if he gets mad and tries to keep it or change the code?”

“I never thought of that.” Nia nodded. “How are we going to get there?”

“I’ll call Hicks. He’ll take us there.”

“Will he get in trouble?”

Larkin shook her head. “No.” She jumped up and ran out of the room and was back in a few minutes. “Let’s go. He said he’d meet us out front.”

The three girls snuck out the back of the house and ran around the corner to where the car sat in front, and they all piled in.

“Where to, girls?”

Nia gave him the address and sat back between the two. She blinked away more tears as they both grabbed a hand and held it all the way to Travis’s.

“Hicks, can you stay out here. We’re just going to go get some of her things.”

Hicks’s eyebrows rose. “Does Mr. Marsh know what you’re doing?”

“No, but I promise I’ll tell him tonight.”

Hicks didn’t look convinced but nodded. “I’ll wait right here.”

Larkin hugged him and then followed Nia and Aleena into the building. “We’ll be fast.”

“Hello, Ms. Langley.”

Nia tried to smile. “Hello, Sam.”


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