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 Me And My Daddi

Season 6

Episode 40

His mouth took hers again. It quickly grew out of control before he lay over her, spreading her legs apart with one of his, and then settled against her.

“God, I need you so bad.”

“Then fuck me, daddy.”

He growled and thrust into her, making them both cry out in their need for each other.


Nia waved at Terri on her way to the elevator. She’d been at Aleena’s and decided to drop by Travis’s office on her way home.

She leaned her head against the wall and closed her eyes. So much had happened in the last few weeks. It almost felt like a dream. The fact she didn’t have to worry about her brother again was a huge relief, even though she had a hard time knowing she was the one who killed him. She kept telling herself it was either Russ or Travis, and there was no way she would have chosen Russ.

She would rather be dead than live without Travis. He’d become her whole world. She woke up every morning with anticipation of the coming day and thanked God for bringing him into her life.

She knew she had a silly grin on her face when she stepped out of the elevator and headed toward Travis’s office.

Nia sighed in relief when she got to Madelyn’s desk and saw it empty. The hatred that bled from the woman was pure evil, and it scared Nia and left her shaken for hours after seeing her. She thought about talking to Travis about it but didn’t want to rock the boat.

She stopped suddenly at Travis’s door that was cracked open.

“Oh, sweetheart. I knew you would finally come to me,” Madelyn said.

Nia peeked into the office and saw Madelyn in Travis’s arms. She had to bite back a gasp of disbelief at the picture that was unfolding in front of her.

“I wish you had told me before how you felt, darling.”

Her stomach tightened. He had never called her that.

“I was afraid to. And then, when you brought that woman in here, I started to lose hope.”

Travis chuckled. “Don’t worry about her. Now that I know I can have you, she’ll be gone.”


Travis rubbed his thumb against Madelyn’s cheek. “Yes, really. God, I just thought if this had happened a week ago, I wouldn’t have had my apartment destroyed because Nia wouldn’t have been there.”

Bile started to work its way up her throat, so she backed away. She’d heard enough. Her only thought was to get away as fast as she could before she lost control and started crying.

In the elevator, she schooled her expression when people got on, and fortunately, no one tried to talk to her.

Nia pulled her phone out of her purse and started calling Aleena. She avoided looking at Terri because she always made it a point to stop and say hi on her way out, and she knew the other woman would be able to tell something was wrong.

Nia got out of the building and walked a few blocks away before she dialed her friend.

“Hey, bestie,” Aleena answered.


“Nia, what’s wrong?”

“I need to come to you, but I don’t want you to tell your daddy.”

“Okay, I won’t. How soon can you get here?”

“I don’t know. I have to find a cab.”

“Kaleb won’t be here for another few hours, and most of the staff is gone, so just have them buzz you up.”

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