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 Me And My Daddi

Season 6

Episode 33

She tried to turn over and whimpered when he kept her on her stomach. “I want to touch your bottom, baby. Would you like that?”

He felt her stiffen for a moment and then relax and nod.

“You’re a good girl, giving daddy whatever he wants.”

“Yes. Always, daddy.”

He grinned. He loved it when she called him that. He never thought he would have gotten into a Big/little relationship. He liked kink and loved sex, but he hadn’t had time in the last several years. Now that he had Nia, he couldn’t imagine living his life without her and the type of relationship they had. He should have known he would like it when Kaleb had told him about it since he needed control, but at the time, he didn’t realize it would take Nia to open his eyes. Now, he couldn’t imagine being any other way.

“Spread your legs.”

She instantly obeyed and then sighed when his hand was slipping in between them.

“Fuck, you’re very wet.” He chuckled when he saw the blush on the side of her face he could see. “That’s a good thing, baby. It makes me feel good to know you want me.”

“I’ll always want you,” she murmured.

“Jesus, sweetheart. What you do to me,” he told her passionately against the back of her neck.

He pumped the first one and then two fingers into her tight sheath. No matter how many times he had her, she was still as tight as she was the first time.

He started sliding his finger from her cunt and pressing it into her ass. With every swipe of her cream, he got a bit deeper, and her moans got a little louder.

“That’s it. Take my whole finger.”

When his finger was as deep as it would go, her hips lifted, and she started to push back against him.

“Let’s try two.”

The feel of her hot and tight channel his cock ached a little more.


He grinned. “You want your daddy?”

“Yes. Please.”

“Aawww, what a good girl I have.”

He pressed a kiss to her shoulders. “I’ll be right back. Do not move.”

On the way back to the bed, after he washed his hands, he had to stop and take her in.

“I love everything about you. Do you know that?”

She looked up at him. “I feel the same way about you.”

He lay down beside her and smacked her ass. “You better. Because you’re never leaving me.”

“The only

way you’re going to get rid of me is if you don’t want me anymore.”

He smacked her ass again and grinned when she squealed. “Never happening.”

He tore open the condom wrapper and rolled it on before he grabbed the bottle. He knelt beside her hips and used one hand to part her ass cheeks. “There it is. That ass is mine, isn’t it?”

“Yes. Please, hurry.”

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