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 Me And My Daddi

 Season 6

Episode 30

There was no denying she was his. She had become his obsession. One, he freely admitted to himself. When she was near, he had to have his hands on her, and if she was too far away, but in the room, his eyes very rarely left her.

Leaving her to come to the office was getting harder every day.

He impatiently started to unbutton her blouse. He’d never been a breast man until he got a look at hers. Creamy white with light-pink nipples that were so extremely sensitive, all he had to do was blow air on them, and it would drive her wild.

He had her naked within a minute and then started pulling off his own clothes before he made a spot for himself between her legs. He placed a kiss on her lips before moving down. First, he concentrated on her breasts for a few minutes and then started kissing and licking her tummy, dipping his tongue into her belly button, making her shriek.

She started to pull at his shoulders when he moved farther down until his face was by her pussy. “No. Relax. I need a taste of my baby’s pussy.”

“Daddy,” she cried out at the first swipe of his tongue.

She’d only called him that a few times, but every time, it made him feel ten feet tall.

His tongue swept from her ass hole to her clit. It circled it a few times before starting again. He did this until she writhed on the sofa, and one cry after another spilled from her.

“Please,” she begged.

He knew he didn’t have a lot of time before he exploded. Moving up, he lined his cock up to her cunt and rammed it into her. He pressed his mouth to hers to mute the scream that tore from her.

He hissed at the pleasure-pain when her nails bit into his shoulders as he pounded into her. “That’s it, sweetheart. Feel how hard daddy is for you?”

“Yes, daddy. Please…”

 “All right. Come for me,” he demanded and covered her mouth with his again as her orgasm tore through her, knowing she wouldn’t be able to be quiet. He groaned and thrust into her several times, going as deep as he could before he took his own pleasure.

Travis braced himself above her.

“Jesus, woman. I think it can’t get better, and then we make love again, and it surpasses the time before.”

She giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck.

He kissed her leisurely for a moment before lifting himself off of her. “I’ll be right back. Don’t move.”

He was back with a wet cloth. He caught the blush that shaded her face as he cleaned her. “How can you be embarrassed by this?”

“I don’t know,” she whined.

He snorted and finished wiping her.

“Let’s get you dressed, and then we’ll eat lunch. How does that sound?”



After they ate, he pulled her up with him and smoothed out her blouse and skirt before cupping her face and pressing a soft kiss to her lips.

She slowly opened her eyes when he raised his head.

“I’m so glad you came to the office. We need to make a regular date. Something I can look forward to.”

“I’d like that.”

“Good. Let’s go.”

Nia bent down and reached for their wrappers. “Wait, I need to pick up our mess.”

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