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 Me And My Daddi

Season 6

Episode 29

“It’s all right.”. 

“No, it isn’t.” He reached for her hand and started to lead her up to the receptionist. “I don’t like you out in the open like this. We still don’t know where your brother is, baby. You have to be careful.”

“I’ll try.”

He bent and pressed a hard kiss to her lips. “You’ll do more than try.”

“Terri, this is Nia, and she’s mine. Anytime she comes, you let her up immediately.”

“Yes, sir.”

Nia’s face burned with embarrassment, and she tried to pull away from him, but he just tightened his grip.

He only grinned. “Come on.”

They walked to the elevator. He wrapped an arm around her waist and bent to kiss her forehead.

“I really am sorry.”

She looked up at him and tried to smile. “It’s okay now.”

He kept his arm around her waist as he led her out of the elevator and down a long hallway. They stopped in front of one of the most beautiful women she’d ever seen sitting behind a massive desk.

“Madelyn, this is Nia, and she has full access to get to me at all times. I don’t care if I’m in a meeting. Let me know she’s here.”

He looked down at Nia and smiled. “Baby, this is Madelyn. She’s my assistant and been with me for close to a year.”

Someone caught his attention. He bent and kissed her head. “Stay here.” She watched him turn, walk a few steps away, and talk to another man before she turned back to the secretary.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Nia said and watched the different emotions race across the woman’s face. Disbelief, confusion, disgust, and lastly, the look of pure hatred darkened the woman’s beautiful face, and it made Nia’s stomach twist. She didn’t know what to do and was relieved when Travis returned and wrapped an arm around her waist again.

“Let’s go. I had Madelyn get us a few sandwiches.”

Nia caught the shocked look on her face.

“I thought that was for us,” she said.

Travis scowled down at her in confusion. “No. Why would you think that? We’ve never had lunch together. Why don’t you turn the answering machines on and go to lunch? A long one. I don’t want to be interrupted when Nia’s here.”

Travis walked them toward a large wooden door. Nia didn’t have to look back to see the expression on the woman’s face. She could feel the heat of her fury pummel against her back.

She exhaled when the door shut behind them, and he turned the lock.

“Come over to the sofa.”

She sat and placed her purse on the table next to the sandwiches and bottled water.

A gasp sprang from her mouth when he pulled her into his arms and twisted until she lay down on her back on the sofa cushions with him over her. It startled her because he did it so quickly and with minimal effort on his part.

“Now I’ve got you.”

Her giggle was interrupted when his mouth descended and took her lips. All thoughts of the misunderstanding and his secretary flew out of her mind. The only thing she could concentrate on was the way he made her feel.


He couldn’t take his eyes off her. He’d met plenty of gorgeous women before in his life. He had even dated some, but something about this little slip of a woman he was currently seducing was no match for any other woman. He didn’t know what it was about her, and he didn’t care. She was his, and she was staying that way.

The flush of passion that covered her face intoxicated him. The sounds she made drove him wild. Her long silver-blonde hair made him hot, and her tiny body made him harder than he’d ever been before.


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