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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« NΔ«nΓ«

    "My king, you sent for me"Deanee with her head bowed requested as she came into the king's palace, 

  He looked up from his throne and came down from his seat, 
  "Are you hurt? "He asked and she shook her head even though she was dying of pain, 

   Hurt? How can he ask her that when he was the one who ordered for her to be whipped? 

  Tch! People can be so hypocritical in nature! After all these, he still pretends to be a good king! 

How so ironic! 
   "Queen Kyla is coming in your majesty"a guard announced and soon she strolled in, 

   "My king... "She made to speak but was interrupted by him, 
  "I don't want to have you for the night... "He said with his eyes on Deanee who was in front of him, 

   Kyla smirked getting her gaze to the young stupid slave in front of her, 
  "I don't understand, my night began with you yesterday.... "

  "I just don't want to see you Kyla, 
  Can I talk to you later? And tell Queen Mabel to get my beddings ready, 

 She loves decorating my bed and I want to give her the honor of doing it once more tonight, 

  You may go now my queen"he spoke majestically like a king he is and then Kyla growled terribly before she turned and left, 

    Deanee gulped as she noticed that all his gaze were on her, 
  So brave, so beautiful, so well behaved and fair. 

   He smiled looking at her, 
  "You saved my life, thanks so much, 
  I owe you a lot... Tell me what do you want? 

  Whatever you want and I will grant it for you"he told her and that's when she raised her head up, 

  Their eyes met and he smiled at her, 
  He looked so innocent to her, he might not be the reason why she was whipped. 

 But why was she whipped? She gulped, 
  "Anything I want? "
He nodded his head smiling as he kept on looking at her slim figure and her golden colored hair like that of goddess Oriya, 

   "Yes, say it... Whatever you want, 
  Do you know what it is like to save a king's life? "

  That was so enticing, what does she actually want? To be free? 
  Go back to her kingdom? What life awaits her outside there? 

  How can she live with the guilt that she lost her family? Where will she start? But what else does she want than being free? 

  Oh no! She needs to think about all these before making a decision, 
   She locked eyes with him, he looks like a kind man... Why then did they want to kill him? 

   He's nich from the looks of his face, but why then did they want to kill him? 
  "You can speak to the king anyhow you want instead of keeping all your thoughts inside of you"he said as if he read all her mind, 

  She looked away from him, 
  "Can I think about what I want? "She asked and he nodded his head, 

 " Permission granted, you're free to tell me what you want anytime anyday... You saved a king's life and you should be celebrated for it... "He smiled at her and she grinned instead of a smile, 

  Why does he sound so nice? He's handsome too... 
  "Can I go home now? "She replied coldly and he didn't mind the mood which she spoke to him before giving her permission to leave.... 


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