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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« Γ‹Δ«ght

  She breathed hard cursing herself under her breath, 
  She looked at her scarred body over and over again after the beating, 

  She happened to have a little life left in her, 
  What she don't get is why she's whipped, what crime did she commit trying to save the king's life? 

   She strolled weakly to her bed since she was deprived of food and medication, 

  She's gonna survive this, she must so she can be able to get revenge for her lost family, 

  "Oh my gods! Deanee!! "Maniella screamed as she came into her chambers to see her lying down in pains, 

  "Maniella go away! You're going to be in trouble when they see you here"

   "I won't leave you like this, "she clapped her hands and the maids surrounded, 
  "Take care of her wounds"she ordered and that's when her mom came in too, 

  "No, not yet, the king request her presence right now! I rather you dress her up in one of our finest dresses... "

  Deanee looked up with hate to that woman standing many inches away from her, 

    She wished she could strangle that woman alive, she don't know why she hated her right that moment but she felt so bitter looking at her face, 

   "Mom, she's in pain! She can't go anywhere, at least not yet"
  "Are you questioning me Maniella? "

  "She did nothing wrong and she got whipped! Is it the king who asked for it? "

 Deanee felt extreme bitterness for the king immediately, 
  He looked so nice but then, he's a bad person! 

Why would she get her whipped all because she tried to help??.... 


   "Now you see what I told you in the morning? "The queen mother repeated as they both rested inside his mother's private chambers, 

  He just can't believe it, his brother are after him! Why? He's pretty sure that that masked man is Declan's man! 

He would've been dead if not for that girl who saved him! He would've been really dead and war will be wedged until the throne is taken once again! 

   "Oh no! "He exclaimed, 
  "I don't want to believe it mother, I can't believe that my own brothers are after me because of the throne! 

 What's in there? Why? "
  "You want to find out? "Her mother smirked asking him, 
  "Yes! "
  "Then think about how everyone worship you, 

  Don't you know that you're next to a God? Don't you know that your words are law? 
  Think about being a demi god, everyone listens to everything that you say! 

Have you thought about that? Have you thought about being... "
   "Its okay mother, I want to survive, 
  I don't want to be killed by my own brothers, I don't want to... Especially Declan who seemed to be so bloodthirsty and heartless"

  His mother smiled, 
  "Marry more wives, you need to cover up the regaining five villages by marrying off their princesses and they would have no reason to fight you"

   He gulped but was really determined to survive, 
  "I will do that"he replied and his mother felt relieved, 

Her son was becoming a man at last.... 

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