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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« SΓ©vΓ«n

  Horror of what happened eight years ago flooded her mind, 
  She hated herself for being won over again! 

  Why? Why was she won over? She could've been dead! She churned in rage, 
  She could barely control herself from bursting up, 

No matter how much she tries to improve her skills in fighting, 
  She will always be won over! 

     "Take the king to his chambers!!! "The brave head guard who happened to be the one shot the arrow ordered as he took off mask of the man, 

    Verne gasped, 
   Declan's man! 
Damn! He told him about this! He shouldn't strike just yet! Now the king knows something! 

That people are after him! He has to find a way out so he can earn his trust from the king once more, 


    Bradford in anger rushed into Declan's chambers where he was seated with five different chiefs who were backing him from all the atrocities he's gonna commit against the king, 

    "Declan! What have you done? "He screamed when he got to him, 
  "Done?? Is the king dead already? "

  He asked smiling, 
  "I was just discussing with these chiefs... I wanted them to give me their daughters as wives... "He added laughing, 

  "You're too forward with all these Declan! 
  The king is not dead!! 'He told him and the expression on his face changed, 

  "The king is alive?? How?? I sent one of my most skilled men.... "
  "Well, practically, he's dead! "

  Declan gasped, 
  "Now the king knows that we're after him! 
Everybody knows that he's your man! "

  "How did that happen? I was about sending more men to the palace to make everyone... The dukes, the nobles to submit to my will! 

  I was.... "
  Bradford laughed hysterically, 
  "Some sword girl which I've never seen before popped in from somewhere and blew everything all up, 

She saved the king, you need to see the way she was fighting like a man in full fury, 
   You... I told you about blowing everything up pretty soon! "

   "A girl?? "Declan asked feeling his temper rising to its highest point, 

   Verne paced about the whole room, 
  "We're in trouble Teenah! That slave have ruined me!! "
He yelled, 

  "Take it easy with you "
  "Easy? Do you know Declan will do to me when he comes to know that she's my slave? 
  How will he even believe me that I didn't send her to do a thing! 

Whose idea was it?... I mean making her come to the palace? "
  "You're so angry my prince, Declan will show mercy okay? "

  Verne gave a short laugh, 
  "In as much as I don't fear a thing ..... I never admitted to you that my worst fears is Declan! 

He's going to kill off your family if I dare do a thing that went against him! 

  Why will she intervene? Why? It wasn't her business? No one made her a savior! She's nothing but a slave!! "

  "She was just trying to help.... "
  "I need her to be whipped! "He interrupted his wife, 
  His wife stood up coming close to him, 
  "No! Our daughter won't like that! 
  Maniella will cry! "

  "I don't care! Guards!!! I need you to whip that slave till the point of death!!! "


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