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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


       Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« SΓ―x

   The king have never had such a very pleasant voice before, 
  "Wow! She's so well trained! "He complimented really lost looking at her, 

    Deanee gulped,
  "Yes, she's so well trained in everything "Verne's wife added as they stared at her, 

  "Greeting your majesty"little Maniella greeted and that left the king laughing, 
  He loves little children, 

 He stood up from his throne and came down to touch the little girl, 
  Deanee was startled to see that

    She had been hearing about how handsome the king was but she had never seen the king before but now.... Jeez! He's so handsome!! 

  She looked away when she noticed Verne looking at her,
    "How are you little girl? "The king asked Maniella, 

  "I'm okay, "she giggled answering while he carried her shoulder up, 
  "My king! You can't possibly do that! "Queen Natasha came in from nowhere saying, 

   Natasha and Verne's wife Teenah and not always in good terms, 
   Even though they're related to each other, 

   "Why? "Teenah cut in,
She hissed smiling to her husband, 
  "My king, the whole nobles and dukes are watching you... "She said rolling her eyes at Deanee, 

  "And who is this? "She asked pointing at her, 
  "Oh, my slave "She replied her sister, 
  Deanee churned in anger when they kept referring to her as a slave, 

    "Slave?? She's beautiful.... Can I buy her Prince Verne?? "She asked bringing out those mean and proud sides of hers, 

  "Natasha"The king called as he brought the little Maniella's feet to the ground, 

   'Yes my king"she replied bowing to him, 
  "Don't speak about buying people like that please,

  People don't buy people "he spoke softly leading the way out of the palace while everyone followed her except Deanee, 

    She heaved looking out for Maniella from afar, 
   "My prince!! "She heard someone shouting loudly to someone, 

   "My prince!! Noo!!! "Someone was shouting and everyone panicked seeing someone with a sword in his hand rushing towards the king, 

   Everywhere went calm while the king turned to see what was coming, 
  She trembled running towards the king, 

    The sword, sharp edged as it was, 
   "Declan what are you doing? "Someone was shouting, 
  "No, my son!!! "Queen mother screamed, 

  The dukes and nobles were short of words looking at what was coming to the king, 

   The person holding the sword was masked and immediately he was close to the king, 

  He waved the sword before slashing, 
   Deanee caught the sword blade with hers and it crashed into each other, 

   And a fight broke out between the two, 
  Deanee took hold of a sword from a guard and they started fighting, 

  She couldn't win over him cuz he seemed to be so skilled in fighting and soon she was knocked down, 

   He was about to raise the sword to kill her when an arrow from nowhere cut into his heart and he fell to the ground, 

  Deanee panicked.... 


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