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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« FΔ«vΓ«

   Where's her armor? Her sword? She fixed all of them into her self and then stormed out after tying her long golden hair into a knot. 

  "Wow! You look so manly in that, 
  I don't want you to be dressed like that, we're going to the palace and not to a war ground "she said to her seeing her looking so mean in all she put on herself, 

  "I don't have any nice... Dress to wear"she mumbled, 
  "You should've told me, come "she beckoned to her and she followed her to her chambers, 

  "Here"she handed a dress to her, 
  "I got a dress ready for you"
  "Why do you want me to go with you? "

 "Cuz you're highly protective and you're like a big sister to me"
 The ten year old girl replied smiling, 

  She couldn't even smile back because there's nothing to smile about, 
      "Thanks"she collected the richly dress and went to her closet so she could change up,

  "Maniella, how do I look? "She asked when she came out with that gorgeous on her body, 

   She looked like a princess, 
   "Wow! No one will know whom you're, 
   You look like a princess! Now you have to let your hair down "she instructed and she undid the knot on her hair, 

  Her loosened up and rested on each sides of her shoulder, 
   "Wow! You're so beautiful!!! "
   She grinned and then made away with a pocket knife just in case something happened to them, 

   "Let's go now, my mom will be waiting for us"
  "Yes your majesty"she replied and the little girl led the way, 


  Prince Verne and his wife came forward to greet the king who had just performed all the rituals meant to appease their father's dead spirits, 

    "Greetings the most wisest king in the universe"they bowed at him, 

  He smiled with love on seeing his youngest brother, 
  "Verne, come here... Give me a brotherly hug and stop all these majesty thing "he joked and Verne smiled hugging his brother, 

   "Wow! How have you been? "He asked him, 
  "I've been good your majesty"
  He nodded turning to his wife who bowed once more for the king, 

   "And your wife? "
  "Oh we're okay"
  "And the kids?? "
  "We're.... "

  "Father!!! "Maniella yelled when she sighted her own father and mother speaking to the king, 

   The king heard the little voice and traced the sound of it, 
  He saw a young princess with guards behind her and then a very pretty young girl who stood behind her, 

  He gulped when their eyes met, 
   The blue eyes were unmistakably looking into his own eyes, 

  The golden hair, the yellow colored dress and the slim figure.... She's beautiful, 

    'Who is that? "He asked pointing at her, 
  "Who?? "Verne asked trying to get whom he was referring to, 

 "That girl standing behind your daughter "
   "Oh, that's my slave... I bought her two years ago and she and my daughter and pretty good friends"

  "Greetings your majesty"the young girl greeted when she reached up to them.... 


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