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   My mistress... My one true queen πŸ‘Έ

Season 2

         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« Fōrty=FΔ«vΔ“
     He was surprised at first but soon responded at the kiss, 
It was what he really wanted but he wasn't expecting it from her until he apologized to her for everything he did to her, 

  She stopped to take in a deep breath and that's when tears began to stream down from her face, 

 His heart began to tear apart the more seeing those tears in her eyes, 

He had really hurt her so much, 
   She hugged him and he did same pressing her body tightly to himself, 

  "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry Deanee but its all over now, "
  "I... I missed you so much... I kept on missing you everyday.... I... "

  "Shhhh"he hushed her and kissed her one more time, 
  This time, it was more fierce than the first one, 
  They stopped after some minutes with his lips landing on her neck as he sucked on her neck and she moaned craving for his touch on her skin, 

   He wanted her, so so badly that he could hardly hold it in, 
   Same thing goes for her but the babies will never allow that to happen, 

At least not infront of them and not long enough, their cries fired out of the room, 

    They broke off from each other and he concentrated on the babies, 

  "Hey! Boys don't cry, hush"he tickled them smiling while she looked on at him, 

   She felt happy, first time she was happy in over six months and more, 
  "They look so much like me!! They're so tiny and little!! Look at their hands and feet!! "He yelled feeling thrilled at those little creatures which he made many months ago, 

   He's a father, not only a father but a good one at that, at least, no one will come up again to fight him, 

  No one again, not even his brother, 
   "You need a bath"she mumbled as he succeeded in putting those children to sleep, 

  He looked up to her face and smiled, 
His eyes traced to her body, she looked more beautiful and fuller than the past months, 

   But how fast his hands have gone to her dress, almost all her br**st were exposed... A thing done by him few seconds ago, 

   He drew her closer and then hugged her once more, 
  "You stink! "She screamed and pushed him away, 

   He smiled at her and that warmed her heart so much, 
   But someone very far away at the other end of the house was watching them from her window, 

She had been restless since she put to bed and ended up with a female child instead of a male, 

  Seeing her getting all the care was hurting her like hell, she churned in hatred and the green medicine which her royal doctor gave her to drink so as to keep her in shape fell from her hand and crashed to the floor, 

   "She won't get away with this!! I can't let her to be crowned the highest queen in the palace so she can rule over me all because of those filthy beings that she gave birth to!! 

I won't let that happen!!! "She yelled and her child began to cry at the same time, 
  "Will you shut the hell up!! Maid!! Come and get that filthy thing crying inside my cot!!!! "She yelled to know one in particular.... 


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