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   My mistress... My one true queen πŸ‘Έ

Season 2

         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« Fōrty=FΓΈΓΌr

   The king... A hard time in the battle field... Fought alongside his men over his own brother, 

  Very fierce but many lives were lost, 
Watching his own men die one after another hurt and angered him so much, 

  Chaos, shouts, clashes of swords, slashes as it went into human bodies, the arrow sounds as it kept flying from all direction and then the movement and thumping of feet and horses, 

 After all that, he met face to face with his brother who looked so much like him but much older than him, 

   Both of them were so blood stained, 
   They gulped looking at each other;
   "Finally we get to meet each other face to face... "

  "And flesh to flesh "He finished it for his brother, 
  His brother smirked looking at him, 

  "The last time I knew you, you were so small and... "
  "Cut that out and tell me what you really want from me"

  He laughed at his question, 
  "Yunno my mother never loved me just the way I..."
  "You should be fighting her and not me"

   He smirked one more time, 
  "Really? I feel like she wasn't here for me because of you and I can't wait to see her heart get broken by the time you drop dead"

  "Is that your grudge?? Is that what you have been wanting to do? "
  "Exactly! "

  "I don't want to fight my own brother over nothing, "
  He smirked advancing towards him, 

  "You better fight else I will end up killing you! "He yelled pointing his sword at the king who didn't hesitate drawing his own sword, 

  "Let's end this once and for all big brother! "He yelled and they both engaged in a fight... 



  The cry of the babies made her wake up from sleep, 
  She hushed them one after another but they insisted on crying, 

  She scoffed as her plans to soothe isn't working, 
  She had a cackle by her door way and that made her look up to the door, 

Her heart panicked at whom she saw standing there, 
  She gulped and then she turned to her babies as if that being never existed, 

 But how manly he had become in these past years, 
  "Hey stop crying like that, I know you're hungry but don't worry, 

  Sylvia is coming around to get your morning food... "
  "I really can't believe it! I... They're all mine!! They're... "

  She ignored his voice even though it left a huge impact on her, 
 It have been long she really heard that amazing voice of his, 

   He was coming towards her and the babies and that got her heart skipping times without number, 

  He was laughing, smiling and looking so dirty all at the same time, 
  She missed that smile, that laughter and by the time her eyes came in contact with his eyes, 

  She saw the suffering written all over them, her hatred for him melted immediately, she wanted to melt into his arms and complain to him on how much she missed him but she didn't want to do that right now, 

   She felt him sit down behind her and her adrenaline went high, 
She could feel herself going high, his warm but stained scent felt warm when it crossed her nose, 

  She didn't know when she turned to look at his face and then grabbed his face kissing him so hard on his lips.... 


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