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My mistress... My one true queen

Season 2

Ëpīsödë Fōrty=Thréë

Even though that she was very weak, she still hated the sight of that woman,

That smile on her face even made her feel like vomiting, she was the last person she could ever wish to see.

"Everyone should leave except the mid wife, I want to speak with my son's wife... "

Wife?? Did she just call her, her son's wife??
She gulped and sheltered her babies just like a mother hen will do to her chicks,

What is she up to? What's the new trick up her sleeve? After separating her and the king, what else does she want from her?

Time for her to die?
Everyone scrambled out leaving the both of them with the mid wife inside the room,

She sighed and came towards her,
"What do you want from me? To steal my kids away from me? "She asked bitterly,

She was trying not to be harsh since she was the queen mother but she can't help it,

The anger and hatred for this woman which she once loved is just out of this world,

"You okay? "She asked and then smiled sitting down on the available space on her bed,

The mid wife continued with what she was doing,
"I... I... I knew it from the first time that you're a very rare breed,

You did what most women cannot do at a go,
You... "
"And what is that supposed to mean "she snapped in a very polite but mean voice,

"To see my grand sons... "She touched their faces tenderly,
"Do you know what you just did? You just solved the problem of the whole kingdom and no one will be at your neck again"

She smirked at the queen,
"If you don't mind, I was about to sleep before you came in your highness"she snapped again,

She smiled at her rude manner,
She has every right to do as she wants since the whole problem is now solved!

She is a happy queen now, her first son will now back out of her previous son's life,

"Okay, I will leave you to rest and sleep,
I will have your royal room prepared and I will assigned the maids to the young princes and.... "

"I don't think I really need that, I've been fine inside here for the past months and I didn't die"

She spoke harshly,
She smiled at Deanee,
"You know, when kingdom issues pops up sometimes,

We will have to make choices, sometimes hard choices and I'm sorry for what I did... "She sighed and then began to leave the room,

She stopped in her tracks when she reached the door and looked back to stare at her one more time,

"The king loves you so much, that's all I want to say "she smiled after that and left,

The midwife had finished with the clean up and then left,
She broke up into tears and began to cry

She kissed her babies foreheads and smiled fondling them tenderly,

"Welcome to the hard world of the palace "she whispered trying to suck in her pains which she felt for the past months but can't....


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