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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« Fōrty=ŌnΓ«

    Few days later, 

  "My king! "A maid rushed into his chambers very early in the morning, 
   He was busy, preparing for war, 

   He had another war to go into, probably one of his brother's doings, 

  He parked up while his guards and maids helped him with things he needed, 

When is he going to come back? 
   He shouldn't think about that but then, what about her?

Is she gonna be okay? I don't think she's going to be okay now that his child's birthday is around the corner, 

  He looked up at the maid and then :
  "What is it? What brought you to my chambers? "
  "Its the... Its the... Your mistress! 

  She... She wants to see you.... "She announced and his eyes lit up, 
  "Wants to see me?? "He repeated like a child who had been deprived of care by his mother, 

  She nodded her head, 
  "Yes, she wants to see you"
  He made to go but then held back, 
   "I can't see her"he replied biting his lower lips, 

   "She's... "
  "I don't want to hear anything about her! 
Just go!!! "He yelled and she scrambled out, 

  He didn't know where that part of him came from but all he knows is that he just broke his own heart yet again, 

   His anger was noticed later at the way he shouted and ordered the maid around, 

   How bloody-eyed his eyes were, 
  He's going to skin everyone alive in this palace for making life so terrible this way, 


   "Where is he? "She asked the maid as she came back panicking, 
  "He... He said that he doesn't want to hear anything from you, 
  He said that he doesn't want to see you, "she mumbled in a rushing manner, 
  She began to stammer, 

Does the king really hate her this much? Does he really hate to hear her voice this much? 

   She smiled even despite her heartbreak, 
   She had promised herself that she will never regret her decision to be the king's slave,

She won't, but what was she expecting? For him to love her? Hell no! All that were a lie!... Maybe they are not!

He's just having a hard time... He will be fine, by the time he sees her face again, he will be fine, 

As she made for the door to go meet the king herself, she had a cramp, 
  "Uugggghh!!! "She screamed, 

  "My lady are you okay? "Her maid asked holding onto her hand, 
  She screamed harder, 

   The maid gasped when she looked closely at her, 
  "Oh my! The baby is coming!!! Wait here let me go call the king "

  "No! Stop! Don't call him"she stopped her amidst pains with her bums on the floor, 

  She just changed her mind about seeing the king, maybe the hate in her is growing for the king anyway, 

    "Just get me my midwife "she mumbled and then fainted..... 


   "You're leaving your mistress behind "Queen Dylan stopped him in his tracks as he was about to climb his horse and leave with his soldiers, 

  "So what?? "He asked trying brave with those hard looks on his face, 

  "Because you will never be fine... You have never been fine since she's not by your side "She spoke worriedly, 

  He scoffed and hit on his horse before he galloped away.... 


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