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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


        Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« Fōrty

     "My king"Kyla touched his shoulder as she met him in his chambers brooding by his window side, 

  He ignored her as if she wasn't there, 
  "My king "she repeated genuflecting infront of him, 

   "What are you doing here? "
  She smiled, 
   "My mom and royal mid wife said that my child will be due to be born in a few days time "

   He smirked, 
  "Really? "
  "Yes my king"
He smiled and then touched her tummy, 
  "Then she will soon deliver too"he muttered to himself smiling, 

  "Who?? "
  "Deanee "he said slowly with a depressed look on his face, 
  She frowned, 
  "Can't we make a decent conversation without Deanee's name getting into it? "

  "Cuz she's the most valuable and most trusted valuable in this palace, "

  She gasped, 
  "Deanee won't give you an heir! I'm the one to do that for you!! "
  "An heir?? I don't care! I just don't know how to meet her again, 

  I left her for such a long time... I.. She... I don't know if she wants to see this face of mine once again, 

 I.... I know I didn't want her to get hurt or... I let my mother rule me!! "He broke up and began to cry, 

  Kyla was surprised and dazed at the same time to see the king crying infront of her, 

  She hugged him and he cried on her shoulder, 
   "I miss her so much, I... I made... "
  "Its okay"
  "I miss her so dearly, I want to see her again! "

  "Get yourself together! She's nothing but a witch! 
  What you have achieved these past months without her is greater than.... "

  "Achieved?? By killing?? Brutal? Look at me... I killed thousands of men! I killed people's husbands who were forced to war!! 

  I killed without looking back because I won't find that person whom am going to look when I look back, 

   But I would've been better if she was there by the time I looked back! "

  "Is that why you will kill yourself!! 
 She spied on the queen mother! What a sacrilege!! "

  "She did that because of me! She did that to protect and I won't have known that I have a step brother if not because of her! "he looked up to her face, 

  "You say you love me right? "
  "So much my king"
  "And I have never seen you do anything to protect me"
  "She bewitched you!! "
  "And am happy that she did!! I rather be bewitched to someone like her than you or anyone else in this palace!! 

Most times, I regret being a king, being a king isn't helping me! 
  I can't even be by her side! I can't even protect her! 

What if she's in pain in the night? "
   "What about us!! Me?? Your mother? The kingdom?? "

  He nodded at her, 
  "Ofcuz, that's what I've been trying to protect all these time abadoning the one I love!!! "

   He fumed, 
  "What are you going to do now? "She asked him as he backed her, "you wouldn't want to incur your mother's wrath especially now that you're in war with all your brothers... "

  He heaved, 
  "I will soon figure it out and by that time, 
  No one will have the right to stand in my way!! "He shoved his reply to her face... 

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