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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« ThΓ―rty=NΔ«nΓ«

   For several months she watched the king drift so far away from her, 

    She felt colder everyday, the person who got her here isn't speaking or talking to her, 

  She was never allowed to get out of her chambers and food is always sent into her by her maids, 

   Medicines for her growing baby were always sent in by the same maids, 

  As months passed by, she beared on but didn't stop missing the king's touch on her skin, 

  She's getting weak and looking haggard due to the baby which she has in her womb, 

   No one cared if she died, something tells her that the king is watching over her, 

Maybe in some other ways, in a way which won't trigger the whole kingdom off again one more time, 

   In every way, in every action which the king portrays... She will always understand, 

  That's what she keep telling herself, its not easy to be king... Sometimes, things will be so complicated, he's a king, choices are hard, 

  She kept telling and assuring herself with those words, even though she missed him in her bed, 

  She felt her tummy, her big tummy now, 
  She will be due for delivery soon, will she see him? 

Its been long... Its been really long that she beheld his face last, 
    If not for her little ardent maid who gives her update about what is happening outside of the palace, 

  She won't have known how far everything had gone, 
   There had been a cold war coming from the three villages which were Declan's in-laws against the king, 

     The king fought against them with his large men and raised the three villages to the ground for ever daring him,
  Through the little maid, she knew about how brutal and reckless he had become, 

  Anyone whom he suspects to be his enemy is going down the lane, 
   She also heard that he and his step brother are on a silent war against each other, 

  She also heard that Bradford was sent on an exile since the beginning of this new moon for killing his own brother and the issue of Declan and her had been dropped for good. 

   But why are still stalling her? Why do they hate her so much? The mere thoughts of how the king's wives especially are flooding the king's chambers and bedroom is so painful, 

   Each night, she sleeps by herself, there is no king there to be by her side, 
  Did she do the right thing?? She shouldn't have wished to be the king's slave! 

   How much she wept all night... Even tonight as she lay down on her bed with her hands on her large tummy, 

  She is weeping, 

   He kept peeping through her door and his breath sunk down immediately, 

  He clenched his fist as a maid came out to see him standing by the door, 

   "My king"she bowed, 
  "Is she okay? "He asked majestically, 
  "Yes, "
  "And her child? My child?? "He asked nervously, 

  "She's fine"she replied and he nodded once more before turning to look at her once more.... 

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