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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« ThΓ―rty=SΔ“vΓ«n

  Bradford panted, he grunted in pain as Declan sat by his side, 
  "Why are you so nervous? "He asked him, 

  He rolled his eyes, 
  "Oh... "Declan laughed, 
  "You didn't know that she's going to spy on you? Oh my God! 

  You're doomed!.... "He laughed, 
 "At some extent, am beginning to love that girl, otherwise, I won't have known that you were the one who killed Verne two months ago! "

  Bradford scoffed, 
  "He was check mating us!! He was serving two faces!!, he tells each of your every move... "

  "I know, but you shouldn't soiled your hands with my brother's blood! 
 Wait until she tells the king about it.... You will be a goner! 

I can even kill you now and the king will protect me but... If I do that, no one will learn the truth that there's another wolf in sheep's clothing around here"he smiled wickedly at his brother, 

  "I will kill her then"
  "How? The queen mother is protecting her too! Because she now knows the queen's bitter truth! 

  She knows all about the queen and what she's hiding and that's why she want to get rid of her! 

She's trying to put the king on a tight corner!! "He laughed as he told his brother about it, 
  "She's a witch! "Bradford groaned out, 

  "Yes, but you can't harm the king if she's still alive and breathing, 
And that's why I'm hoping that the king shut him up inside her room for the rest of her life!! 

That's the only way I can win... But sadly, the king won't hold out for long before she will be forgiven, 

 The kingdom shouldn't expect him to kill her cuz that won't ever happen and if you want to see the other side of the king, 

Touch her"he laughed, 
Bradford was confused about what Declan is up to, 
  "Brad, you know, I never trusted you from the start, "he held his shoulders, 

  "I know you were up to something, I never knew that you wanted the throne just like I do, 
  But... I have a very brilliant plan which can bend the king to my will"

   "And what is it? "
  He smiled devilishly, 
  "I have to ... I mean... In every way, I have to sleep with her... "

  "What!! "
  "Yes, I have to either rape her or sleep with her "
  "The king will skin you alive! "
  "No, he won't because of her... "He laughed and left Bradford alone, 


  She sobbed, 
The king walked into her chambers and stood with anger and rage all over him, 

 He don't want to be angry with her but he can't help it, 
  "How much do you trust me? "He broke the silence, 

  "Enough that I don't want you to get hurt"she replied wiping her tears, 
  "Why? Why did you have to do that without my knowledge? "

  "To protect you"she replied slowly
"Protect me?? How!! By spying on my mother! Spying on Bradford... "

  "That's because I don't trust them around you "she snapped, 
  He breathed hard, 
  "Do you know what you got yourself into? 

Are you sure if am able to save you? 
   Deanee... My heart is bleeding that... I felt betrayed!... "

  "Betrayed?? What if I told you that your mother had a son before you? "She asked him and it dropped like a bombshell to his hear.... 

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