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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« ThΓ―rty=SΔ«x

 Deanee finished washing and dressed up, 
  Her tummy was protruding a bit now, 

  She smiled at her self and at her tummy before she dressed her hair, 
  She just finished taking the last part of her antidote and she's so sure that she's going to live, 
All thanks to the king's risks but then, there's something that she had been doing without the king's knowledge, 

    Spying on everyone in the palace, 
   Even the queen mother, she wants to know everyone's next move, 

     She was done dressing up when two guards barged into her room and grabbed her, 

  "What's going on? What's happening? 
What did I do? Let me go! The king... "

  "He was the one who asked us to bring you "they interrupted her and she stiffened, 

She didn't fight it until she was brought into the palace and her eyes fell on the king, 

He wasn't looking directly at her, 
πŸ—£Look at the witch! 
πŸ—£Kill this witch! 
πŸ—£I wonder what she was thinking spying on the royal bloodline, 

πŸ—£She has a motive! 
πŸ—£You have to die! 
  She gasped as she was dropped recklessly on her knees to the floor, 

   She bowed at the king, 
   "My king, I caught her spying on our queen mother! "The king's cousin spoke out, 

  "Can you please tell us why you were doing that witch! "
  "Don't call her a witch!! "The king raged, 

  Everywhere was quiet, 
  She wanted the ground to open so she could get inside, 
  Two months ago, she thought that her name as a witch had been subsided, 

She thought everything was back to normal and that's why she had to spy on everyone in the palace whom she noticed is trying to hurt the king, 

  She had proofs and she found out important which she had to but she couldn't bring herself to tell the king about it, 

  Everywhere was quiet,   
  "I'm sorry my king"she apologized as that seemed to be the only thing reasonable she could say now, 

  Telling the king about everything she found out in front of his cabinets, foreigners will smear the king and the royal home's good name, 

   "Tell me, is it true that you were spying on everyone in the royal home?... I mean royal bloodline?"he asked her and she went down that instant, 

 Say yes?? How will the king feel? Will he believe her? She looked up to his face and saw the looks in his eyes, 

  He hoped that it won't be true, he won't have to save her again at the expanse of the whole kingdom, 

   She gulped and brought her gaze to the floor, 
  "Yes, I spied on the queen mother, I spied on Bradford... I spied on the queens... I spied.... "

  His heart shook terribly, 
  "Don't say anything again"he said in a very weak voice while everyone roared, 

πŸ—£She's a witch! 
πŸ—£Sacrilege!! A slave spying on a royal home!! 
πŸ—£She's crossing the line all because she's the king's favorite!! 

    He felt betrayed, they had been together everyday and she never dimmed it fit to tell him what's going on inside of her, 

  So everything they had together is nothing? Does he mean nothing to her? 

  He stared at her trying to find out why she was doing it but this is not the right time for that, 

   "Take her away and... "He breathed hard as their eyes locked with each other, 

  He hate to harm her but she proved to him that she can't trust him, 
  "Take her away carefully, she's pregnant... "He told the guards who tried to rough handle her, 

  "Take her to her chambers and ground her till further notice... No one is allowed to see her for any reason till I say otherwise... "He ordered and she gasped.... 


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