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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« ThΓ―rty=FΔ«vΔ“

   "Mother, I'm treated like nothing in the palace! The king only cares for his mistress! 

 Even though am carrying his heir! 
  He don't even want to know that I exist! Some nights which are meant for me are always rubbed away from me because of that witch! "Kyla complained to her own mother with so much bitterness, 

   Her mother smiled, 
  "Don't worry, he will come around after he killed her by his own hands"
  She perked up her brow at what her mother said, 

   "Kill?? "
  "Yes, the kingdom wants him to kill her or face them"
  She scoffed, 
  "We both know that he won't do it! "

  She patted her daughter's shoulder, 
  "Come, there's something you don't know about this.... There will come a time when he will have no choice but to kill her "

  "Mother, the king will rather die than let her die "she pressed further, 
  She heaved looking at her daughter, 

  "Mother, all I want to do is something that will make the king's attention come to me, 

  Something that will make him care for me! I mean.... "
  "I've got an idea then"her mother interrupted, 

  "What could it be? "

   "My king... "A maid came in to the king's chambers to report a case, 
  "What is it? "He replied her, 

  "Queen Kyla is sick "
  "Queen Kyla is sick? What happened?? Why? How?? "He asked nervously, 

     "I don't know but she's in so much pain"she added, 
  "I'm coming "he replied and she bowed and left, 

 He packed up his papers and then signaled on his guard, 
  "I need you to spy on someone for me"

   "Who exactly? "He asked and he beckoned on him to come closer, 
  "Bradford, he seem to be silent about everything happening in the palace, 

 Can I trust you? "He whispered to him, 
  "Yes your majesty, I will be very careful "he bowed and left, 

  He heaved and then stood up going into Kyla's chambers, 
  "My king... "She groaned pretending to be in pain, 

  He heaved and sat beside her on the bed, he felt her forehead, 
  "How are you feeling? "
  "Its my tummy... Its.. Our child is being rebellious in there"she groaned out and he hissed bringing his hand to her tummy, 

  She smiled deep within her as he caressed her tummy, 
   "Do you feel better now? "
  "A bit "
  "You don't look sick to me except for the tummy pain"he said softly feeling her temperature, 

  "I'm sick... Its just that you didn't come in time, 
  His royal doctor have already treated me before you came"

  "Glad you're getting better"he said trying to get up and leave, 
  "Why don't you stay with me a bit longer? "She requested, 

  He looked at her and heaved, 
  "At least, I have a story to entertain you with"she said smiling, 

  "Stories?? You think stories matter right now? "
  This is why he will always chose Deanee over everyone, 

 She's the only one who understands when he's in pain, when he's happy, when he's in danger... His wives only cares about his attention all the time without seeing what he's going through! 

   "Please.... Just stay on a bit... "She pleaded and he heaved and then walked out, 

He beckoned on a maid which he met outside, 
  "Take care of her okay? Don't let her do things on her own please "

  "Yes your majesty "

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