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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« ThΓ―rty=Fōūr

  "Deanee... "
  She turned her face to show those tears in her eyes, 
The mucus that trickled down from her nose, 

   He smiled and began to come close to her, 
  "Don't come any closer to me, don't! "She yelled lowly in her tearful voice to him, 

   He stopped in his steps viewing her from that short distance between them, 
  He smiled still, 

She scoffed, 
  "Stop smiling as if everything is okay, "she said like an order and he stopped smiling, 

   She wiped her tears but more filled her eyes, 
  "I shouldn't have wished to be your slave"she spoke further, 

  "Do you regret it? "He asked her, 
  "I don't want to but each day, I can't help myself from regretting it"

  He gasped looking up to her face, 
  "Deanee I... "
 "You didn't tell me that Verne was dead! Declan killed Verne!! And you sided him because of me! 

  What more will you do in future? The kingdom will turn against you because of me! You turned against your mom because of me! 

  You don't take care of your wives because of me!! Each time I think about it, it hurts me that... That am the problem you have!! "She sobbed, 

  His heart trembled seeing those tears in her eyes, he wished he could wipe them, 

   "Its not because of you Deanee, Declan didn't kill Verne and am sure of it, "

  "How sure are you? This was your only chance of pulling him down! 
  Your only chance of.... "

  "Why do everyone keep saying the same thing! Why do you worry about that!! 

What about us!? ! Me and you?? Do you only care about that!! 
  What about me? What about my child in your tummy? "

  He spoke with so much pain in his voice, 
   "We all know that am your slave! am your mistress!! It won't matter!! If I die or my child does!! 

  You will surely get an heir from your wives!! "
  His jaw dropped, he can't believe that those words is coming out from her lips, 

   He stepped closer to her and she stepped back, 
  "Are you avoiding me now? "He asked her and she looked away, 

  "I want to touch you"he said coming closer and she stepped back till her back hit the wall, 

  "Don't?! I don't want to talk to you now"
  "I did everything for you! I... "
  "No, you couldn't bear to watch me die"

  "It would've been a nightmare for me Deanee, 
  Please, give me a chance to keep you alive "

  This time, she softened a bit looking straight into his eyes, 
  "Allow me to show you that Declan is innocent, "

  "You're siding him because of me"she mumbled and he pulled her into a hug, 
  It seemed like a sort of relief to his already bleeding heart, 

  He caressed her back enjoying the warmth of her body, 
  "You don't deserve to die"
  "They called me a witch"she mumbled, 

  He raised her face up and wiped her tears, 
  "I hate seeing these tears in your eyes, they will pay for calling you that after I prove to them that someone else did, 

  They will regret ever calling you a witch"
 She smiled, 
  She hugged him back and he heaved a sigh of relief, 

  "You don't really know how much I love you, do you? "He whispered and she giggled.... 

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