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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


    Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« ThΓ―rty

  She stood up weakly from the bed and was helping herself into her clothes when she felt his breath near her neck, 

  "Let me help you"he mumbled zipping up her dress, 
  She turned to look at his face, 
 He smiled at her and she did same thing, 

  She can't die, not infront of him, will he live with it? 
  "You look worried, did something happen? "She asked him and he smirked touching her face and caressing her cheeks, 

  He then kissed her lips and felt that weakness in her breath, 
  She was really dying and won't live past tonight, 

Well, this antidote will stop that, 
   "How is our baby coping? "He asked her and she managed a sigh, 

  "Does it matter now? We both are gonna die anyway, "she shrugged and he hugged her, 
  "You won't die okay? Don't even think of it, 

 There's no way you're going to die infront of me"
  She pushed him away and and looked deeply into his eyes, 

   "What did you do? They're playing strings with you because of me... Don't tell me you danced to their tune... "She spoke with so much that he did something, 

  "Am glad that its because of you... "He replied and slid the antidote into her hands, 
  "My king! "She gasped and looked up to his face, 

  "Drink it and you won't die anymore"
  "They didn't give you this for free, did they? "

  "You shouldn't worry about that now, just stay alive... Drink it"
  She looked at the king sternly before gulping down the bitter content, 

   She breathed hard after the drink and became weaker, she had to fall into the king's arms for support, 

  "Are you feeling okay? "He asked her and she kept panting for breath for the next thirty minutes which made the kibg doubt the potency of the concoction, 

  Maybe she's going to die anyway, 
  He's going to skin Declan alive for sure if anything happens to her for sure! 

   "Am fine"she uttered after thirty five minutes of silence, 
  He led her to the bed and lay her carefully on the bed, 

      He touched her forehead to confirm if she was really okay, 
  "I'm really fine my king"she assured him with a smile but still troubled over what the king might've done to get this antidote, 

  "Don't worry too much about how I got it, 
 It was just a little deal with my brother and that's all"he spoke as if he read her mind, 

  "Declan?? "She asked with a hunch that it might be him, 
  "Yes, so?? You want to die? You are sick of staying by my side? Don't you want to protect me again? 

  Don't you want us.... "
  "My king... I never said I was tired of you! Neither did I say that I don't want to protect you... Protecting you this time was costly.... That's... If I had died... No one will hurt you.... "

  The king got more pissed off, 
  "Deanee... You're not a property to me... You're a part of me which I can't lose, did you imagine how life will be for me if you had died? 

   A night mare!! A night mare!!! Deanee... Read my lips!! Life will be like a nightmare to me and I don't think I will ever get over it!!! "

  She breathed in, he stood up and made to leave but she held his arm before he could get farther away from her reach, 

  "Stay with me my king... Even if its tonight"... 

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