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A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave

Ëpīsödë Twënty=Nine

The king's heart... Choose the throne over her? Choose her over the throne??

Very difficult and he's going to lose many allies because of this!
Declan clearly knows how to play his cards,

He's really good at it but he can't let her die!
The queen mother rushed in immediately,

He gulped looking at his mother,
The kingdom will hate him for this, any choice he makes now will have a long way to go in history,

"Release him "he said and everyone gasped,
"He said... Release me!!! "Declan yelled at them and they let him go,

"No one should lay a finger on him from now on, no matter what he does"he decreed and everyone backed away from Declan,

"My king!!! "The queen mother screamed,
"What have you done!!! "She yelled at him,

The king breathed hard,
"Everyone should leave now!! "He yelled in anger,
He didn't like the path he chose but he has no choice,

The only thing left to save his face and reign is to find out if Declan really killed Verne,
Everyone dispersed except Declan and the queen mother,

"The antidote?? "He asked bringing out his hand and he smirked before giving it to him,

"You will receive the rest soon... "
"How soon? Don't keep me waiting for it for so long"

He smirked,
"You just smeared your good name My king, how words will spread that you spared me"

"I only spared you because I'm not sure you could kill your own blood brother unless you did before coming here,

I'm not that dumb Declan"
"Hmmmm.... She have thought you how to be a king and a man too "

He smirked after the statement and then patted his shoulder and bowed at the queen mother before leaving the room,

He gasped and fell heavily on his chair,
He's in such a tight corner,

What would the nobles say about this? What about the kingdom?
"What did you just do? Choosing one life over a thousand?? "

His mother raged,
"Mother... I'm the king and I make rules not you mother"he snapped back really angry at everything,

"Are you speaking to me like that? "
"Mother, I can't let her die, it will haunt me forever if she ends up dead! "

"Now the kingdom will be against you!
This was your only chance of taking Declan off your back!!

The throne.... "
"There are many ways to take him out but now, I will act according to his will until Deanee is okay"

"He's digging your grave for you!!! He's... "
"Mother that's enough! I don't think Declan will kill his own brother! From the same womb?? No! Someone else did! I just have that hunch and am not going to stop until I find out about everything myself! "

Queen mother jerked in fear,
"My son, is this you? I'm not sure this is my son... "
"Mother.... "

"The kingdom will soon turn against you... All I fought for! All your father fought for!!! Don't you even think about that?! "

He stood up and walked out on his mother heading to Deanee's room....




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