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A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave

Ëpīsödë Twënty=Eight

Declan gasped for breath immediately he heard that,
"What! "The king yelled,
The guard's gaze dropped on Declan and he shivered,

He came towards the king and stood beside him,
"You shouldn't be around him, he's evil"he said boldly ready to draw his sword if Declan tries anything stupid,

"Why? He's my brother"the king mumbled in a mournful voice,
"Not a brother my king"he snapped looking at Declan with so much hate,

"Mind how you speak to the members of the royal family if you don't want to be beheaded tonight! "The king butted in and he bowed his head

"I'm sorry my king but right now, he's been stripped of his royal rights and soon will be taken into prison... "

"What! "Declan came in this moment,
"Why do you say that? "The king asked him,

"Cuz his men killed Verne... He killed his own blood brother! He killed Verne!! "

Declan was confused,
The king perked his brow at him,
"Declan.... "
"I didn't do anything! I can't... "

"You poisoned my mistress! So you can probably do anything!!! "
Declan had to think fast, he can't go down like this.

He can't let things get in his way right now, Verne is dead.... He mourns him in his heart and he will build a monument for him by the time he become king but now...

He has to be extra clever, he has to act fast and save his face and even his mother's face,

Troops of guards came in five minutes later led by his mother ,
The king smirked,
"Declan! What happened?! Verne is dead!!

You killed Verne!! You're going to be punished for killing your own brother!!

Do you know what's facing you right now?
Death....! Death Declan!! "She slapped him over and over on his face,

"Don't train your son now infront of me "the king said and she let her hands off her son,

"My king... "She began to plead,
"Don't beg him"Declan mumbled and looked up at the king,

"I can spare your life if your mom goes on her knees,
And I will have you escorted to your mother's hometown never to return to this palace ever again,

Isn't that fair? "
Declan laughed feeling nervous... Who could've played a fast one on him?

Only one person did this... Bradford, he churned in anger.... This is not the end,
"I'm afraid you won't have to do all that if you want your mistress to live pass through today"he replied the king who got goose pimples immediately he said so,

He was silent,
Declan used that silence to continue in his speech,
"Change of plan, I think my plans is a bit ruined by someone right now,

But not everything though, at least I have the king's back don't I? "He laughed as those guards grabbed him,

"What do you think you're doing Declan? "The king asked,
"Playing games my king, if you really want her to live... You will tell them to let me go,

You will tell them not to punish me according to the royal doctrines and always protect me from whatever problems am ever going to get into in the future... And.... I will swear to you that I will spare her life.... "




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