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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« TwΓ«nty=Seven

    The king smirked looking at his brother, 
    "They said you were looking for me, what for? "

  "She has only now till in the evening to die isn't it? "Declan asked and the king rolled his eyes at him. 

  He had grown such a big hatred for him since the day he sent his man to kill him, 

  How cruel his brother could ever be, 
  He wondered if he was ever truthful to him for once since they grew up, 

    "And how's that your business? "He asked him, 
  "I feel your pain big brother, watching that person you love die before your very eyes and you can't even save her, 

  She's carrying your child... How are you going to live after today? 
  Her death will haunt you forever, 
  You will never forgive your self or will you? "
  The king sighed heavily, 

  Its really hard, seeing her lose all the weight, looking so emaciated and she still want to live, 

  He have tried everything possible, 
  He's only relying on his royal doctor right now, 

  Only the gods miracle can save her from the clutches of death right now, 

   Declan read his mood and then gave out a wild laugh, 
  "Are you here to kill me? "The king asked him, "probably because the girl you feared is dying??? "He added and Declan smiled, 

  "I don't want her to die cuz if she does... You practically have nothing to lose... Not even the throne entice you like her"

  The king smirked at his brilliant answer, 
  "Are you here to admit it to my face that you poisoned her? "

  "Exactly! I did so"
  The king nodded and his rage led him into drawing his sword against his own brother, 

  Before Declan knew it, his sword was pointed right at his neck, 
  "If she dies... You die! I mean you're going to die if she dies!!! "

  There was silence between them, 
  "That's why I brought an antidote while coming, 
  I can't let that poor woman die"

  "An antidote?? "The king asked and looked at him in his eyes, 
  "Yes! "He brought it out from his pocket and showed it to him, 

  It was inside a brown bottle, 
  "Not too fast"he said and put it away as the king tried to touch it, 

  "Just put down your sword before you cut my throat"he ordered and the king lowered his sword, 

  "Give it"the king ordered, 
  "Not without me getting something in return"
  "I can kill you right now for that antidote"the kibg threatened standing so close to him. 

  "I know, I calculated that and that's why I made the antidote into three bottles and came with one, 

  This one, will only make her alive for a few days, 
  You have to earn my trust until you get the last one else, she's still going to die anyway"

  The king cursed under his breath, 
  "Not even your royal doctor can cure her"he laughed devilishly, "only me can so are you ready for a deal? "

  The king was in a tight corner,all his deal will definitely lead to the throne and he hates to give out his throne to this bastard, 

  "My king! "Someone ran in with a strange news on his lips, 
  "Yes, what is it? "
  "Verne is dead"


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