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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« TwΓ«nty=Six

  "So what's the situation in the palace?? "Bradford asked Verne as they conversed during their leisure time, 

  "The whole palace is in chaos since Declan ordered for the poisoning of the king's mistress, 

  The king is tearing the whole palace down! 
  Lady Matrina is going to be executed this night for having a hand in what happened to his mistress "

  "Woa! That's serious! Does he care so much about this his mistress more than his queens? 

  I heard that they were all carrying his child! "
  "Hmmmm.... The mistress is carrying his child too and he seems to care more about that than the others, "

  Brad chuckled, 
  "Why would Declan poison her? "
 Verne smirked and then shifted closer to him, 

  "Everything is already arranged, 
  The king will be dead before two moons... "He chuckled looking at Bradford as he wrestled with his chair, 

  "Really? How?? "
  "That's why he poisoned her with iliele... "
  "Iliele!! That poisonous... "Brad gasped, "with the way everyone is speaking about their relationship with each other, 

  He would be so bloody if she happens to lose her life.... We all know that we are no match for him! "
 Verne smirked, 

  "That's why he had an antidote already prepared, if the king is enticed with the antidote so as to keep his mistress alive,
  He will stop at nothing until he gets it and he won't mind giving up his throne which will end up ending his life! 

Perfect plan isn't it? "He chuckled 
  Bradford eyed him.... Verne, whose side is he really on? 

  "So what are you going to do now? "He asked Verne, 
  "Well, for your sake... I will tell on Declan... I will send message to the king that.... "

  Someone barged in, 
  "what's it Kabila? "Bradford asked his guard who barged in on them like that, 

  "There's trouble, Declan have been caught by the king... "
 Both of them rose to their feet, 
  "What!! How did it happen? "

  "He turned himself in.... "
 "Dammit!! He wants to give the king the antidote!! "Verne told Brad, 

  "Well, "Verne shrugged and then smiled at his brother, 
  He was just sent here to buy time till his brother makes the next move without Brad finding out about this, 

 And he seem to have succeded, 
  "I think I will have to go then "
  "Yeah sure_"he nodded looking at him, 

  He turned his back on his brother as he headed for the door, 
  "Remember to watch your back"he sounded to Verne who turned back a bit to smile at his statement, 

  "I will, I will definitely watch my back, "
He said as he came out, 
  Brad signaled to one of his guard, 
  "I want him dead before the next few days, 

 Do it quickly, I hate dealing with people like him and not even my brother will have to be that way towards me"

  "Yes my prince "
  "It should be neat and leave no traces and make sure... "He pointed a finger at him, 
  ".... Make sure that you make it seem like Declan killed him... "

  "Yes my prince.... "

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