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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


        Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« TwΓ«nty=Five

 Deanee stirred on hearing noises and then opened her eyes, 
  "I love her, I really do mother, she's the only one who makes me feel like am a king, 

  She's the only true queen I know, she's my queen, she's everything I could ever ask for, 

  I really love her and we made a happy baby together, 
  I can't let her die... I can't let her die"

  Die?? Is she dying? Why is he crying?.. She asked herself as she lay carefully on the bed. 

 Love?? Did the king just say that? Love her? She knew it! Even though he never said it before... She just know it! 

    The king haven't noticed her yet so she concentrated on hearing their conversation, 

  "My son, look at what she's done to you! 
  They're after you and they're striking through her! 

  They've got you! "
  "Who are they? I want to know them, they should name their price.... They should... I don't want to lose her"

     Lose her? What's wrong? Did she lose her baby? 
  She was scared as she stirred and felt her tummy, 

  That's when the king noticed her, 
  "My child! What's wrong with my child! "She screamed and the king hugged her passionately before planting kisses all over her face, 

   She groaned in pain cuz of the way he held her, 
   The queen mother came closer to them, 

  "My son... Get some rest outside, 
  I need to talk to her"

  "No, I don't... "
  "Trust me, you will be back to her in no time"
  He still refused to leave her side just incase she disappears infront of him, 

  "No, I don't want anyone to hurt her again"
  "What's going to happen to me? "She asked looking so scared, 

  "You were poisoned yesterday "he told her, 
  She stiffened, 
  "Lady Matrina! She gave me the last juice which I drank yesterday, 

  She insisted that it came from the king and... "She groaned, 
  "Oh my God! Matrina!! "He gasped as he held her and made her lay back on the bed, 

  "My king... Let me handle this"his mother pleaded, 
  "No! I will deal with this myself!!! I will have to!! 

  Lady Matrina must explain why... "
  "I thought you wanted to abort my child since all your wives were already carrying your child... Cuz of the pain I felt... "

  "I would do no such thing and I promise that I will bring everyone to book for laying their hand on you! They will regret ever touching you!!! "He swore brutally, 

  "My son... Take things slow"
  "I won't! Not when it comes to her!! Everyone involved in this... Even you... If you ever happen to be among mother... I'm sorry but i'm going to kill you"he swore and brushed past his mother. 

  The queen mother breathed heavily, 
  "You see what you've caused... You should've been with yourself!! "

  "Queen mother... "
  "You're putting the king in danger with you!! The king will get hurt because of you! "
 Deanee swallowed hard, 
  "I was... I didn't know that he had deep affection for me"
  "Everyone knows that you're the apple of the king's eyes and that's why you were poisoned by his enemies to get him! 

  I don't want to lose my son and am going to kill you if anything happens to him"she threatened and then walked out, 

  She breathed heavily falling back into the bed.... 

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