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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« TwΓ«nty=Four

  He rose in panic, 
  "What did you just say? "He yelled at her and she panicked, 

  Speaking to the poor maid was a waste of time, 

He left her and ran into Deanee's chambers, 
   The royal doctor was by her side and she kept on groaning and coughing out blood. 

   "What's happening?? "He raged on fearing Deanee's condition, 
  The royal doctor managed to put Deanee to sleep before standing up to answer the king, 

  "She's... "He stopped reading the king's mood, 
  "She's what!! She lost the child? She... What!?! "

  "She was poisoned"
The king stiffened and then clenched his fist, 
  Who might've done this? Who did it?! Was the only thought on his mind, 

   "Can't... Can't you do something to save her! Aren't you a doctor?? "He rattled worriedly before rushing to her side, 

  "She only have only but three days to live... I... Can't.. I failed to make the antedote... It will take me some time before I make it and.... Before then, she will be already dead.... "

  The king panicked the more touching her pale face, 
  "I can't let her die! I can't watch her die! 
  She's with child! She's with my child! "

  A tear dropped from his face, the royal doctor knew how serious he was when he saw that tear in his eyes, 

  "She can be cured but I need some time to get things ready and... Apart from that, she will be sickly forever "

   "Let me save her first! I won't be myself if she leaves me alone
  I don't want her to leave me alone! 

  Who did this!! "
  Why would they poison her? 
  The royal doctor bowed and left the room leaving the king alone with his mistress, 

   He touched her face wiping those sweat that formed on her face, 
  "I'm sorry, I'm sorry that I got angry with you and... And left you all alone... 

   I'm sorry"he wept by her side burying his face deep into her tummy, 
  "I'm sorry, I wasn't careful with you.... You can't die.... I will make sure that you don't! "


   "The mistress was poisoned yesterday on her dinner meal! "The palace informant announced to everyone who lived in the royal home, 

  "What! "Queen mother screamed as she heard that and the next minutes she was rushing into the king's room to find him, 

  What's going to happen now? She knew this would happen but she never expected that it will be too soon, 

  They're plotting a death sentence for the king and they're using the mistress as bait! 

   She went into his chambers and couldn't find him there, 
  She knew where he would be and that will be his mistress chambers,

    She gasped as she stood infront of the door, 
  "My king "she mumbled and he looked up from her chambers and his eyes met his mother's, 

  Her mother gulped as she saw the tears in his eyes, 
  "King's don't cry! "She screamed and he shook his head, 

  "She's with my child!! She's carrying my child, little me is going inside of her, "he mumbled crying the more, 

  The queen mother was very surprised.... 

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