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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« NΔ«nΓ«tëën
The queen mother paced about the whole room, 
  The king is walking into a very deadly trap! 

 Why can't he see it? That girl is a plan for him! She clearly see the way his son look at her all the time. 

  His brothers will use her against him in no time soon! And he has no heir yet to stand up for his legacy! 
 This is really terrible!! 

    "My queen! Kyla is here to see you"
  "Send her in"
  "Yes my queen"
 Kyla came in walking majestically towards the queen, 

  "My queen,"she bowed as she reached up to her, 
  "Yes, "

  "The mistress had a birthday yesterday and the king decorated a garden full of flower just for her alone, 

  And kissed her right there in her night's clothe with her body uncovered, 
   The king.... "

  "Loves her"the queen mother completed her sentence coyly turning to look at Kyla, 

  Kyla boiled in anger, 
  "That mistress... "
  "The king told me yesternight that he wants to make her a royal mistress so mind how you speak of royal members here"the queen mother got her manners for her, 

  "But my queen... A royal mistress? They just met! How are we... "

  "What ten of you couldn't do... Ten women couldn't do!! A girl... Not just a girl but a slave from the house of Verne did it in fourteen days! 

    She captured the king's heart in fourteen days! Aren't you ashamed to even stand infront of me?"

  "My queen, I think the slave spelled him! "
 Queen mother chuckled, 
  "Spell? How?? Could you risk what she could? She stood by him these past fourteen days as he went out on several journeys.... He lost the five wives to his two brothers! 

  He lost it! Were you there to comfort him as she was? She was there bringing comfort to his confused heart, 
  But the ten of you were so happy that he didn't increase your number, 
  Do you know how much of a danger he's into, 

 And she's always there to stick out for him, 
   All these happened in two weeks!! 
Kyla... That was the spell she used!! 

  I like her too because she makes the king feel safe and acts as the king he was made to be but then, I'm scared because his brothers might use her against him! 

  I'm scared because she's been in the house of Verne for so long and she might be used as a plot to kill the king... But only one thing, 

   Only one thing can make me trust her, "
  Kyla was too dazed to speak, 
  "One thing and do you know what it is? "She asked stepping closer to the young queen, 

  "If I hear that she's pregnant for the king"
Kyla gasped as her eyes widened in shock, 
  "That's not going to happen! "

  The queen mother rolled her eyes at her, 
  "Happen? Why? Have you forgotten that she's the king's mistress?? 

Mind how you talk about something which belongs to the king Kyla"
  "I'm sorry my queen"
  "Then get lost! I'm done with you! "

  "Yes my queen"she bowed and dragged her feet away from the queen mother's chambers, 


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