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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« EΔ«ghtëën
  She looked up to the king's face once more and smiled, 
  "I so much love this place, I love it! "She screamed into his face, 

   His heart thumped, it always did whenever he's around her, he cupped her face, 
  He feel so at home each time he's around her, 

He doesn't worry too much each time he's around her, he doesn't think about anything else each time he's around her, 

   He feels so protected, she really knew how to make him feel so protected, 
  He isn't so sure about what he feel for her but he goes tender each time he stands infront of her, 

   Her eyes searched into his, 
  "You're the only one who wished me a happy birthday "she mumbled allowing him to take full control of her body, 

 He brought his hands to her waist, 
  "Can I touch you? "He asked and she smirked, 

  "Am your slave, your property... You're free to do anything you want with me"she replied looking straight into his eyes, 

  He smiled, 
  "I can't believe that you're my mistress, 
  Soon, I'm going to make you my royal mistress so that no one will molest you"

  "Why so you care about that? I've been molested all my life so I don't think I care if am molested or not, "

    "Why I care? "He leaned closer so he can be able to look at her lips, 
  Her heart thumped, 

  They've been together for two weeks, it seems so short a time but she didn't think about how intimate her relationship will be with the king, 

  That didn't cross her mind at all, she thought being a slave is as simple as it sounded, 

  But the way the king acts around her makes her know the impact of what she asked to become, 

  "Can I kiss you? A birthday kiss if you call it"
  She nodded and he crashed his lips against hers, 

 Her whole body shook terribly, gosh! The kiss was terrible, she never knew that the king is such a good kisser, 

    He rubbed his body against hers, 
  She stopped and he removed his lips from hers, 
  "Next year, I will throw a party in honor of your birthday, 

  Come let's head inside "he said as he held her hand and led her inside to her chambers, 

  "Can I touch you? "He asked as he hugged her from behind, 
  "You're free to do anything with me"she replied, 

  He stripped her naked and carried her to the bed, 
  He lay down gently and began to kiss her in her sensitive places, 

 His touch, never seen something as good and as sweet as his warm touch on her skin, 

How she reacts to every of his touch riled him up the more, sleeping with his queens haven't given him enough pleasure like he's having now, 

  Soon, moans filled the whole room, it flew out of the room till the next one hour, 
  He lay next to her and covered up their nakeness as they panted for breath, 

  He looked over at her sweaty face and smiled, 
  She's the best thing which he ever tasted.... 

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