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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


      Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« SΓ«vΓ«ntëën

  Deanee yawned as she woke up from sleep, 
  A new day, she smiled as the sun rays touched her eyes. 

  For the past two weeks, living in the palace had been such a blessing to her, 
  She really made a right choice when she said that she's gonna be the king's slave. 

  No more waiting for others to eat before she does hers, she's always treated like the king's precious property, 

Handled with care and never allowed to work except the order came from the king, 

  The only problem she has, is relating with the king's wives as they seemed to be the pain in her neck especially Kyla who will surely tear her apart if given a chance to, 

  But no one dares touch her, a king's mistress?? A king's property?? No one dares hit her cuz its equal to touching the king but then, she follows him about to wherever he goes, 

   Being a perfect swordsman, no one dares gets into a fight with her and that's why the king likes her so much, 

  Whenever he's going out, with all the abled bodied guards with him, 
He's still going to say that he needs Deanee to tag along, 

  His mother have tried to stop that connection, everyone have tried to stop that connection from flowing between them but its all abortive, 

Everyone in the palace grow to hate her everyday, 
  She's an obstacle... They will say but does she even care for a bit, 

   Life is smiling on her now and she will have to let life flow through her, 
  She had wanted it since eight years ago, 

    She sighed and then let her two legs drop on the floor, 
  The king strolled into her room and gave her a childish wink, 

  "You're still sleeping "he asked and her eyes widened as she sprang up from the bed and bowed her head to greet the king, 

  "Good morning your majesty, may you live long "she said with her head bowed, 
  He smiled, 
Many people have greeted him this way but he seemed to love when only her said it to him. 

  He stepped closer to her and then raised her head up so she will look into his eyes, 

  He smiled at her and then touched a strand of hair which hang loosely at the side of her cheek, 

  He brushed it aside and touched her face, 
 She always liked it when he looked at her with utmost care like she's going to dissapear, 

  It make her flutter all the time, 
  "I figured out that today is your birthday Deanee so come with me"he held her hand, 

  Her birthday?? How did the king know about her birthday? 
  She let herself to be dragged away by the king with her negligee on her skin, 

   Every maids stopped to look and bow at the king and the mistress as they walked past, 
  "Where are you taking me to? "She asked and he smiled at her, 
  "Don't worry, am almost close, don't rush me"he teased as they took turns till they come into a small garden, 

 A very beautiful one at that, 
  "Wow!! "
  "I figured out that you love flowers and I got a garden of it"

  She giggled, 
  "You're free to hug me if you're that happy "he said and she nodded as she pressed her body against the king's.... 

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