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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« SΔ«xtëën
    "You mean he's getting married? I thought he changed his mind"Bradford asked with bitterness in his voice, 

  He can't bear hurting his beloved wife by adding wives to her, 
 She hates multiple wives and he won't have her wait till forever for him to come to her, 

   He gnashed his teeth, 
  Verne smirked, 
  "You need to act fast, at least marry two or maybe three of those... The king is taking a wife from there soon... Queen mother is arranging it, "

  "The king too!! "Bradford groaned in pain, 
  Verne smiled and then held his shoulder, 
  "You have to choose what you really want... The throne or to live with your beloved wife forever "

  Bradford looked into his brother's eyes, 
  "I choose being with my beloved wife if being king cost this much, "

Verne laughed, 
  "Do you think Declan trust you? Do you think Declan will let you go free when he end up as king? 

He's my brother from the same womb and I know him more than anyone, 
  He doesn't trust you, neither does he trust me, 

  Do you think he will spare you by the time he becomes king, if he wants to hurt you... He's going to use your weak ness to do that"Verne rattled in a low voice, 

    Bradford heaved, 
  "I don't trust him too so why do I care? I just feel so pained because I'm going to hurt my wife, 

  I will do it, I will marry more wives so as to strengthen my protection from the villages, so they won't attack me"

  "That's my prince.. I think I've got to be going "Verne announced as he appeared to be done with his brother, 

  "Okay thanks for your advice, bye"he waved as he walked out, 
Immediately the door banged close, 

  He turned to his personal guard, 
  "I need you to spy on him for me... I mean Verne, I want to know which side he's on"

  "Yes my prince "he bowed and left, 
  Bradford's wife appeared from nowhere with her eyes wet from crying, 

  He turned to her and heaved, 
  "I heard everything "she spoke still crying, 
  "I'm sorry, I have to marry... But I still love you, I can't let Declan have the throne else, he's going to cast me away"

   She fell into his arms crying, 
  "I just don't wait till forever before my husband comes to me, 
  I don't want to have competing co-wives "she sobbed, 

   "You won't have, I will make sure that you will be fine, 
I won't let any harm come to you, 
  You will be my one true queen, you're the only true queen that I will know"he kissed her forehead trying to comfort her, 

  She let him wipe her tears, 
  "I can't even give you a child "she mumbled and he sighed, 

  "I'm not complaining, children will come at the right time okay? But now, let's focus on getting on the throne and no one will molest us forever "

  She nodded and hugged him tightly to herself, 
  "My prince, there's a message from Declan"

  "What is it? "
  "He's inviting you to his marriage ceremony happening tonight "
  "What!!! "Bradford panicked at what he heard.... 

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