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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« FΔ«ftëën
   Declan nearly fell because of the kind of anger that emanated from his body, 
  "You shouldn't worry so much about her... All we need to do is to lay low for now.... There are many ways to catch the king once more"Verne put in trying to calm his nerves down, 

  It seemed to work on Declan, 
  "Yeah... That's right "
  Verne smirked stepping close to Declan, 
  "Do you really trust Bradford? That brother from another mother and from another womb?? "Verne asked him looking directly into his eyes and Declan rolled his eyes at him. 

  "I can't even trust you at all even though we came from the same womb and you think I will trust him... I know he wants to be king too... My sources keep on telling me all he's been planning and saying... But he thinks that he's pretty smart"he smirked wiggling his fingers, 

He began to pace about the whole room, 
   "I know his very weakness and I will touch that weakness when the time is ripe brother, so don't worry too much "he concluded giving his brother a friendly pat on his shoulder, 

  "Hmm... That's really cool, but we have to lay low for now"
  "I've heard you Verne just that... "

  "You need to marry off the princesses from the other five villages... The king wants to do that so as to strengthen his forces, 

So that no one will be able to harm him"Verne reported and Declan's eyes perked up, 
  "Really? I was about doing that but.. But... I didn't know that he will be so interested in taking in more wives, "Declan expressed his surprise, 

 "You've forgotten that we have a queen mother to deal with? "He replied ironically and Declan heaved, 

  "I have to do that as soon as possible so that the five villages won't have a reason to harm when am married to their princess "

    Verne smiled and he did same thing, 
  "You're so brainy Verne, I will have to do that before the next two weeks,"

  "That's long cuz I heard from a reliable source that the queen mother is already arranging the marriages "Verne pressed further, 

  "What!! She's really mean!! I will do that right away! Brietto!! "He called on to his personal guard, 

  "Yes my prince! "He ran in immediately he heard his name being called, 
  "Get my horses ready! We're going to Dame now!! And remember to arrange my meeting with their chief before I get there, am I clear? "He ordered and he nodded, 

  "Yes, am on it right away! "
  "I have to go now"Verne announced to his brother and stood up to go, 
  "Okay, thanks for all the support today, 

  Your big brother really appreciate it, "
  "Its okay, why are we brothers for? "They hugged each other and Verne left his premises, 

   Five minutes later, 

   Bradford heard a knock on his door, 
  His guard opened it and ushered him into the prince's chambers, 

  "What brought you here Verne"Bradford asked as he looked up to his brother's face,
    "Declan is planning on marrying off the five princesses... "

  "What!! "
  "You have to act fast and stop all these love of a thing you're showering your wife!! 

  You will end up in a loss when Declan marries five more wives!! "
  Bradford's heart skipped a bit, 

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