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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave

   Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« FΓΈΓΌrtëën
 Bradford almost choked on his drink at what he heard, 
  "The king?? A mistress?? And it happened to be the one who saved him two nights ago at the memorial?? "He asked countless question and his wife nodded at every question as she served him his morning meal, 

  "Well, this girl is really playing games, why will she want to be a mistress instead of being free? "

  His wife laughed at his question, 
  "She clearly knows that some people might be after her life, if she's free... Declan won't stop until he killed her and she needs someone to hide under... She's very smart.. I can give her that credit, 

   She's really smart, Declan thinks that he's smart but he has met someone smarter... "His wife laughed and he did too, 

  "I can't wait for him to clear the way for me so I can become the king that I want to become"he replied his wife who laughed, 

  "I can't wait to be queen too... But, we need the brains of that girl, we really need it if we're going to win... "His wife suggested, 

  "No, not yet, she's suspicious of everyone, 
Verne almost whipped her to death over nothing and she's clearly sure that people are outside there to get her, 

She's been careful and we can't approach her just like that unless we build a strategy "Brad ford's brainy mind contributed, 

  "Hmm, you're always right my prince, "she smiled as she sat beside him watching him eat his meal, 

 The ten queens were so restless after the news they heard but no one dared asked the king about it, 

Even Natasha couldn't even though she went into the king's chambers, 

All she happened to meet in their was the slave girl who was still sleeping peacefully on the king's bed, 

  The hurt in her eyes when he saw the king watching over her like they were lovers pained her so much, 

  The king have never cared so much about them and he's caring so much about this girl! 

  She saved his life so what!! So she should do anything she wants with the king because she saved his life!! 

  It took the whole day to wrestle the whole situation inside the palace, it took the whole day for the whole palace to finally accept the fact that the king have got a mistress, 

   Even the queen mother couldn't say otherwise, she wanted to intervene but her own son didn't even give her a chance to explain herself, the dangers and how much of a suspect she was towards that day, 

   No one dared speak of it, she got her own room almost next to the king's chambers and the jealously which the ten wives felt was out of this world. 

   What would they say? Challenge the king's orders?? They can't help but wonder the kind of deal the king made with her that made her so close to the king, 

  No one can understand it for a bit, 


    Verne walked into his brother's chambers, 
  "Don't tell me that you didn't kill her yesterday "Declan who sensed his footsteps asked him, 

  "I... She didn't get back home yesterday, 
  I don't know but what I heard is that... She's the king's mistress "

  Declan turned his face to him, 
  "Then make a request to the king and claim what's yours back! 

  The king won't refuse when everyone won't support him! "
  "No, that's was her wish, to become the king's slave, so she said herself to the king "


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