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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« ThΔ«rtëën

  "What!! "Queen Natasha screamed when she heard the news that the king got himself a new slave, 

   "What!!! "Queen Mabel screamed as she rushed into the king's chambers to be really sure about what she heard, 

  "What!!! "Queen Dylan yelled to her maid who told her the news, 
 "Yes my queen, I heard that she even slept in his bed, in his chambers and under his arm! "

   "You've got to be kidding me!! That can't be true!! The king can't have a mistress too soon! "She yelled going into the queen mother's chambers to tell her what she found. 

   "What!!! "Queen Susan furrowed at what she heard, 
  "Yes my queen"
  "Hmmmm, the king won't seize to amaze me, a mistress?? 

   That's highly un welcoming of him but if that's what he wants... I support him... Yes I do... Now help me with my make up please, 

  I need to go greet my king "she ordered feeling so relaxed at what she heard, 

  "I couldn't believe it sister! I couldn't believe it... I saw her walk in looking like a little wench who barely needed attention! 

Something tells me that she just want to kill the king, the way she said to the king that she wants to be his slave angered me, 

  Slave?? Because she saved the king and all she wants in return is to be the king's slave!! Isn't that suspecting!! 

She have some motive and do you know what made me so angry? 

  The king believed her simple lies!! The king trusted her!! Gosh!! You needed to see the way... You needed to see what I saw in her but clearly, the king won't see it! 

Arrgghh!! She ruined my night with him! And have the rights to sleep on the king's bed? She don't even have to breathe Denna, 
 She don't have to breathe at all!"Kyla raged speaking to her little sister, 

  "Well, you don't have to bother so much about that, everyone wants the king's attention because he's too handsome to be sitting on that throne, 

  All you have to do is to try harder to get the king to love you... And then, you can be able to give him an heir to the throne and I think that's all"her sister advised, 

 She regarded her sister's words with care, 
  "Are you sure about that? "She asked as her anger seemed to melt down immediately, 

  "Yes of course, I know her plan and her plan is to get an heir to the king's throne... "
  "That will never happen!! "Kyla interrupted with spite in her voice, 

  "Then you have to act fast, all the other nine queens want the same thing and you have to act fast before everything turns cold "

   Kyla smiled, 
  "That's why am always lucky to have you little sister"
  "Am always there for you babe"Denna smiled and her sister strolled away to get dressed before visiting the king's chambers, 

  "What!! King's mistress?? "Declan bursted up at the news he just heard, 

  "Yes my prince "the guard replied, 
  He boiled in rage, 
  "I need to see Verne now!! Get Verne for me now!!! "

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