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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« TwΓͺlvΓ«

  "I remind you of someone?? "He repeated what she said and she nodded, 

  "I feel like... If I don't protect you... You might die just like eight years ago, "

  She said sincerely and the king nodded his head, 
Why won't he trust her? She looks so innocent.. Yes! He might've be so easy in trusting people but he won't care. 

  "Uhm... I used to stay with Verne... "She began once more and he rolled his eyes at her, 
  "Verne?? My brother? He sent you?? "

  "No! He's trying to kill you! I used to be a slave in his house but I got whipped... "She bared her back for the king to see, 
  "This happened yester night after I saved you from death, 
  And... I overheard him and Declan.... "

 She sounded so fishy, 
 How did she know all these but the fresh scars all over his back irritated him so much, 

He couldn't tell why but he just hated to see all those scars which designed her back, 

  "You... You were whipped yester night because of what you did yester night?? " 

  She nodded her head
 "It was then I realized that I had no one who loved me... I don't know why am being so open to you my king... But, I thought they were family, 

  I did many awful things for them, I spied, I killed, I protected but they turned their backs on me yesterday almost whipping me to death! 

    I realized... I realized that I'm alone in all of this, I realized the more of a slave that I was... I won't mind spending the rest of my life protecting the king from harm, 

Maybe I was born to be this way... Otherwise my family won't have been dead before my very eyes, 

   Their throats slashed in front of me.... "She gasped in terror feeling the pain over again as if it happened fresh, 

  The king looked at her... She's strong, she's really strong... Some girls isn't like her... To protect the king... Sounds funny, 

What can she protect the king with? With her own life? 
   But then, he will love having around the palace, 

    "So I remind you of your family which you lost before your very eyes? "

  "Yes"she nodded "and I want to be alive and not dead till I find their killer... and till then, I want to be protecting the king from his enemies"

  "Okay, will you sleep here tonight since you don't have a room to stay and more likely, you have to protect.... Cuz your wish to be the king's slave starts now"

  She gulped, 
  "My king?? This is your room and... "
  "Are you objecting? "He asked and she shook her head, 

  He looked at her body and smiled at himself the more, 
  "Don't worry, I will get you your own room tommorow but this night, 

  You have to sleep here... I want to see how you will be able to protect the king "
  "Yes your majesty "she bowed and strolled towards him.... 

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