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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


       Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« Γ‰lΓ©vΓ«n

That's not what she wanted to say, the words just rolled out of her tongue, 
  "What!! "Kyla screamed looking at that wench who uttered a blasphemy, 

  No one can be a king's slave, its either a king mistress or nothing else! 
   Except if the person's is a guy and not a girl! 

  And she just called herself to be a slave?! Is she kidding? 
  "My slave?? You want to be a king's slave?? 

Like being my mistress.?? "
 She gulped trying not to lock eyes with the king, 
  Is she doing the right thing? She just feel like its not right for the king to be killed. 

  He's a nice person and yet, his own brother's want him dead! 
   She will feel so guilty if she loses someone again before her very eyes when she knows the right thing she would've done to keep that person alive, 

  And that person is the king, he doesn't deserve to die, 
   "A royal slave, that's what I want to be"she mumbled and Kyla hated her the more, 

  "Don't tell me that you want to be the king's slave!! Why? What can you possibly give the king? 

  What! What!! What can you... "
  "Your wish is granted, you will be my slave... I will have your room decorated by tomorrow but do you know the consequences of being a king's slave? "He asked her to be sure if she really knew what she wanted. 

  People like her will die to be free, to have their own freedom and she speak of being his slave! 

 Never heard that before, 
  "Yes, I am your mistress... I will become the king's mistress and that's what I want to be"

  "Why? Can't you see that he's married? 
  Not one wife but ten wives!! And yet, you want to become the king's slave!! Are you nuts!! "Kyla raged and that's when she realized what she had done. 

  Ten wives?? She didn't know that the young king married that much, 
  Why? Ten wives?? He's too young to have many wives! 

Why does she care? All her job around here is to make sure that the king is safe... But she's a mistress who caters for all the king's needs without complaining! 

  She has to save him in either way, 
  "Kyla stop being harsh on her, she's such a good woman who laid down her life to save mine"

  "How are you sure if you're not walking into a trap! Why do you think so shallow about people? "

  "Mind your words around me Kyla"
  "My king, what if they sent her? "
  "Kyla, my time is up with you, you may leave now please"

   Kyla grunted with deep hate for that wench standing in front of them, 
  "Your highness... "
 "I said that my time is up with you now! 
Get lost!! "

  Kyla got off the bed, gathered her dresses and grumbled out of the king's room leaving the two alone, 

   The king got off his bed and strolled towards her, 
  "I mean... You're so pure and kind to the extent that... Why do I trust that you don't have a hand... "

  "I just want to protect you cuz you remind me of my past"she interrupted looking into the king's eyes.... 

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