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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« TΔ“n

 "I need her to be kidnapped! Didn't you say that you saw her enter the king's palace? "Declan asked Verne almost pulling at the collar of his shirt

   "Calm down, you can't kidnap her! She did nothing wrong! "
  "Wrong?? Do you know what she caused, I need her to be killed!! "

   "No! You can't kill her! "Verne rebuked trying to convince him, 
  "Why? She's a slave! She might spoil things for me in the future! 

    She might! "
  "She doesn't deserve to die! What's the king gonna say?"
  "Nothing! You can put the blame on me, 

  You can say Declan's man killed her! Yes! He already know that am after him! "
  "You should think of apologizing to our brother, 

  You can deny it, you can say that you never sent him and he's gonna believe you!"

Verne advised sensing more danger looming for them if they try anything funny with the king, 

  Handling the queen mother alone isn't easy at all, not to talk of the king, 
  "Are you saying that you won't kill her? "Declan asked staring into his brother's eyes, 

 He could kill him right at that spot if he dares refuses to kill her, 
  Declan smirked seeing the expression on his face, 

  "There you go, I want her dead before nightfall before she ruins more things for me"

  Deanee heard all that clearly from a corner where she hid... She was walking past earlier when she heard loud shouts between her prince and another one, 

  She just got so startled to hear all they said on her head, 
  Its clearer to her now, Verne ordered for her to be whipped for saving the king from death. 

   So... So... They wanted the king dead!! Why? What has he done to them!? 
   Shivers ran down her spine, 

 What if she dies? Then the king will die too for sure, God! The king did nothing wrong to anyone!! 

   She's going to protect the king! She made a noise and that diverted the two men's attention to the little noise beside them, 

  Verne was quicker enough to draw his sword before asking:
  "Who's there? Who's there?? "

She panicked running back to the king's palace, 
  Verne and Declan ran after the woman in the dark shadows who seemed to be eaves dropping all these while, 

  On her way, she bumped into a queen who pushed her to the ground;
  "I'm sorry... I'm sorry "she apologized nervously and the queen scoffed, 

  "Let's go maids"she ordered and walked past her, 
She got up and ran all the way to the king's chambers as he appeared not to be in the palace anymore, 

   She was panting when she came into the king's magnificent room, 
  "How dare you! How dare you get into a king's room like that!!! "Kyla's voice rang out as she seemed to be interrupting their love making, 

  "Let her be! "He smiled at her and she panted for breath, 
   "I just... I... Figured out what I wanted... "She rattled out nervously gasping for breath, 

  "And what is it? "He asked sitting up from his bed, 
  "I want to be your slave ".... 

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