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(Surprisingly Beneficial)

He wasn’t high up on his “god-like” pedestal, and neither was he someone who wouldn’t mix with people on “earth.”

“Only then did she finally invite me. If not for that, she wouldn’t have invited me at all,” Wang Juhuai said.

“Wow, I finally understand Lu Man’s personality.” Fan Yue started talking. “Previously, when it was Director Sun Yiwu, Director Ji Cheng, and Teacher Du Lin who were Lu Man’s mystery guests, it was the same too. Lu Man looked for everyone else but them. They even only found out about it from someone else, then they personally contacted Lu Man themselves to request that she let them be her mystery guests.”

Wang Juhuai grinned and said, “This child Lu Man is just like her mother. They both don’t want to trouble other people.”

“Yes, I can tell.”

Through this opportunity, they managed to talk so much with Wang Juhuai. Even Chief Lu felt that he had made his money’s worth.

After the show ended, Chief Lu even wanted to invite Wang Juhuai to a meal.

Wang Juhuai shook his head and said, “We can eat together next time. When the time comes and we make plans beforehand, we can leave later. However, this time, we already decided on a time to head back, and Lu Man also has to rush back for her class. She is still a student; her focus is still on studying.”

“Could you leave a little later?” Chief Lu urged. “Could you try and change your flight ticket? If you can’t, our station will help you cancel it and book another one for you.”

Wang Juhuai smiled and explained, “I took my son-in-law’s private jet here this time. He has already arranged the departure and arrival time with the airports. If we wanted to change it, we should have done so in advance. This late, it will be a little troublesome.”

Chief Lu was surprised. Even though private jets were nothing new, it was rare for people to own a private jet.

However, you still had to consider the different types of private jets.

For example, small private jets—there were more people who owned those.

However, if it was really a luxurious private jet, then that was impressive. In the country, perhaps there were only around ten people who owned such a private jet, and every single one of them stood at the top of the pyramid.

However, no one knew exactly how impressive their private jet was.

“Alright, then. If that’s the case, I won’t force you anymore,” Chief Lu said with a smile.

“Alright. Next time, then. Next time, we can decide on a time beforehand, then we could go back a little later too. Or perhaps when you come to City B, I’ll treat you to a meal instead.” Wang Juhuai wasn’t putting on any airs at all and had said so politely.

Wang Juhuai politely explained everything and even took the initiative to treat them to a meal. It was clear that he wasn’t avoiding having a meal with them.

Chief Lu naturally felt happy from the bottom of his heart. Hearing Wang Juhuai’s words made him feel comfortable and happy. It made him feel that he was respected too.

After all, even if Wang Juhuai were to brush him aside, that was still within his rights.

This also showed that he was considerate of others and had good manners.

For him to have achieved the success he had today, his high emotional intelligence and manners definitely played a role.

If you put on airs and acted arrogantly like those famed artists even when you were not famous, who would bother with you?

However, Wang Juhuai being so polite towards Chief Lu was also naturally because he was considerate towards Lu Man.

As Lu Dongliu had helped Lu Man out a lot, Wang Juhuai had a good impression of Lu Dongliu.

Lu Man was already on bad terms with Xing Ke Station. Now that Dong Hua Station was on good terms with Lu Man, Wang Juhuai wanted to build an even better relationship with them so that things could be easier for Lu Man.

Everyone started leaving. Chief Lu personally followed the security guards along and sent Wang Juhuai and the rest from another door, not alerting anyone.

After sending Lu Man and the others off, Chief Lu praised Lu Dongliu and said, “Xiao Lu, you did well this time. We definitely have to maintain a good relationship with this young lady Lu Man. We definitely can’t offend her.”

Lu Dongliu smiled and said, “Looks like I saw only how much potential Lu Man could have in the future. I had a good impression of her, so I thought that I should help her out as much as I could. Who knew that I would manage to gain some help from her too? This time, it has surprisingly turned out to be beneficial for me.”



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