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(Are You Toying with Me?)

He gave Han Zhuoli face by allowing him to go to his mother-in-law’s house freely, but Han Zhuoli did not give him the same respect!

Liang Chengbing did not dare offend Han Zhuoli outright, but that did not stop him from being angry.

Han Zhuoli did not even care about Liang Chengbing. Lu Man had coaxed him into happiness, and he forgot that Liang Chengbing even existed.

Hence, he did not even care that Liang Chengbing had neglected to say his farewells.

“Mom, can you still make it to school on time?” Lu Man asked.

“I can,” Xia Qingwei said.

“Go on, then.” Lu Man said, knowing that Wang Juhuai always ferried her mother to school, waited for her somewhere nearby until her lessons ended, then ferried her back home.

Lu Man then turned to Han Zhuoli, saying, “Should we go to your family home, then?”

“That’s fine too,” Xia Qingwei said. “Or you both would be stuck waiting for me here.”

Han Zhuoli nodded. “Okay, then. We’ll go to my family home first and come back in the evening.”

With everything settled, the four of them boarded their respective cars.

Right then, Liang Chengbing remembered Han Zhuoli and his wife—whose identity he just could not remember—and turned back to look.

Only to see Han Zhuoli drive off.

Liang Chengbing: “…”

Weren’t you f*cking intent on this road?

After creating all this ruckus and messing up our filming schedule, you aren’t f*cking going this way anymore?

Are you toying with me?

If it wasn’t for Han Zhuoli, the residents would not have made such a commotion.

The people were obviously banking on this huge backer to support them in this commotion.

And now, the instigators had all gone!

The assistant director, stage manager, and others, including the cast, dared not go forward and ask anything after seeing Liang Chengbing’s mood. No one dared to step on this landmine.

Liang Chengbing said irritatedly, “Hurry up, clear everything on the road! We’re changing places!”

The assistant director bit the bullet and asked, “Where are we filming?”

They had decided on this place as the architecture was modern and grand enough. The roads were wide too, so the shots taken would be nice.

“To the outskirts!” Liang Chengbing’s tone was still aggressive. “Wasn’t a small neighborhood built on the outskirts? The buildings there are quite high too. We just have to find a good view.”

However, the scenes there would not be as nice as in this place.

He only wanted to make a nice movie, to take good shots. Why did he encounter this mess?!

Unable to take quality shots like he expected, Liang Chengbing was disgruntled.


Han Zhuoli and Lu Man went back to his family home and had lunch there. Because his parents were used to taking afternoon naps, Han Zhuoli and Lu Man left.

They reckoned Xia Qingwei’s classes should have ended and made their way to her home.

Indeed, both Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuai were at home when they arrived.

“You both came rather early. I’d thought you’d stay at your family home longer.” Xia Qingwei smiled at them as they entered.

“The in-laws have a habit of taking afternoon naps, so they often struggle to stay awake for our weekly family gatherings. Plus, we went over unannounced today, so we’d rather not interrupt their daily habit. We left when it was time for their nap,” Lu Man explained.

“I see.” Xia Qingwei nodded.

The two men went to the living room while Xia Qingwei prepared the fruits and desserts and Lu Man went to the kitchen to make some tea.

After finishing those tasks, they sat down.

“How’s the construction going on at Uncle Wang’s villa?” Lu Man asked.

“The door’s been changed and the walls are repainted with the wallpaper done. Some readily available appliances have been bought and installed. Now we’re left to wait for some custom-made furniture, which requires time. We still have to wait for the smell to be gone after the furniture is delivered before we can move them in. It’ll probably be done by mid-year,” Wang Juhuai said as he smiled.



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