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(Everyone Makes Mistakes)

Lu Man’s knack for variety had already been proven previously and she did not disappoint this time as well.

Zheng Yikun was a comedian to begin with. His words would always have punchlines that could make the audience break out in laughter.

Jiang Yuhan was the only one who could not let go of herself to play the games and be funny, and she did not want to act ugly because of her idol image. In the end, the effect she brought was not great at all.

“What is this? It’s a pity we can’t fast-forward the show when we’re watching it live. I really can’t stand watching Jiang Yuhan. She is so boring, she’s so stiff and unexciting even when playing a game.”

“Exactly. Look at Lu Man. She’s prettier than Jiang Yuhan and she’s hitting the toy hammer with so much energy. She even rolls on the floor when she gets into her performance.”

Fortunately, Jiang Yuhan’s acting skills were still reliable.

In the acting segment, Jiang Yuhan did not make any mistakes and finally redeemed a few points for herself.

“Next, we will play a short advertisement and we’ll be right back in five minutes,” Fan Yue said.

“It’s coming, it’s coming. It’s the mystery guest segment now!” The audience cheered excitedly.

“My heart is beating fast already. What is going on?”

“Me too.” The person beside rubbed his hands together. “Lu Man invited Sun Yiwu, Ji Cheng, and Du Lin as her mystery guests previously. I wonder who she has invited this time?”

“I think she might not be able to find a super bigshot this time around. She probably didn’t expect the production team to invite her again, so she just invited Sun Yiwu, Ji Cheng, and Du Lin all at once the previous time. I think she was too reckless. She should have left at least one person out so that the mystery guest she invites this time will not lose to those that she had invited before.”

“I think so too. The buzz she created was huge last time. The audience will naturally have high expectations of her. However, given her connections within the industry, the people she knows are not many. Not just within her social circles, just looking at the industry as a whole, Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng are already the best in the industry. It’s very hard to find someone else who can rival their status. The third episode had actually been the best of all the episodes so far.”

“Lu Man miscalculated. If she had invited Sun Yiwu and Du Lin, or Ji Cheng and Du Lin, and then invited either one of them for this episode, the buzz and hype created might not be as shocking as the previous time, but at least it would be balanced.”

“Actually, the previous time was mainly because everyone did not have high expectations of Lu Man. It was only the appearance of Sun Yiwu and the other two guests that had shocked everyone. Even if she did what you said, the effect might not be as balanced.”

“Who would have thought that Lu Man would also have times when she miscalculated? I always thought that she was so smart and never made any mistakes.”

“Hah, Lu Man is still human no matter how awesome she is. Everyone makes mistakes because they’re human.”

“I think the most high-profile mystery guest is invited by Lin Yantao. Lin Yantao has been in the industry for so long. As a deserving A-list male celebrity, the mystery guest he brought will surely be worth looking forward to.”

“It’s starting!” the audience members exclaimed, seeing as the advertisement on the big screen had ended.

Fan Yue appeared and greeted the audience again. “Welcome back. We will begin our last segment of the show, the Mystery Guest Show!”

“Let’s welcome the first team of guests, Jiang Yuhan, Shen Cang!”

“The first pair that appeared is actually Jiang Yuhan and Shen Cang?” The audience was shocked.

Those who came all this way to watch the show were all loyal fans. They knew the routine practices of the production team for Classic X Files. The production team would always put the most impressive and awesome pair at the end for the finale.



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