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(Name Whatever Condition You Want)

She’d worked in a music school, so she personally dabbled in music too. Even if she didn’t specialize in the violin, she still looked up to Wang Juhuai quite a lot, so she definitely would watch it.

Yet when she watched it, she was shocked. She never expected that Xia Qingwei would be on stage too and that she was even Wang Juhuai’s wife!

Wang Juhuai explained the situation between them very clearly.

Both of them were innocent before getting married. They met each other normally, and they got married rightfully.

There wasn’t any unsightly or wrong behavior between them.

She instantly gave a call to the principal and got the principal to watch the show.

Back then, she thought to herself that after watching it, the principal definitely would regret it greatly.

As expected, that very morning, the principal contacted her.

Director Sun was still rather troubled but still said with difficulty, “The principal watched that program too. He also knows that he had wronged you back then. So… he wanted me to ask you if you are still willing to come back to the school to teach the violin. His intention is that you can name whatever condition you want, be it a higher pay or fewer lessons. Even if you just come for one lesson each week, that would be alright too.”

Actually, the principal was even more straightforward. As long as Xia Qingwei was willing, she could just receive a salary without having to teach any lessons.

As Wang Juhuai’s wife, she was a walking advertisement for the school!

Moreover, through her performance on Classic X Files, Xia Qingwei had also sufficiently showcased her own violin skills.

That she was able to play a duet with Wang Juhuai and work so well with him without dragging him back at all, that had clearly shown her standards.

Whether it was really as Wang Juhuai said and the two of them had never practiced before or whether it was purely out of chemistry, her standards were indeed showcased.

However, when the principal asked her to ask Xia Qingwei about this matter, she really found it quite difficult to say it out loud.

Back then, it was the principal who wanted to chase her away. She, however, wanted to let Xia Qingwei take a break first, and after the matter had been properly investigated or after the incident had faded away, Xia Qingwei could then come back and teach again.

However, the principal just chased her away without giving her any other choice. Moreover, he was so stubborn and strong-headed about it that there was no other option, and he did not leave any face for Xia Qingwei.

Back then, Xia Qingwei had also left really swiftly and decisively. She also could tell that Xia Qingwei was indeed angered by the principal’s words.

Xia Qingwei’s temper usually was pretty good, but no matter how good it was, she still had a temper.

Now, the principal was thinking of asking Xia Qingwei to come back. How could he even have the cheek to do that?

Anyway, she felt embarrassed to tell Xia Qingwei all of that.

After she finished relaying the principal’s message, she took it that she had finished her mission and had no intention of persuading her or anything.

As expected, Xia Qingwei replied, “I think it’s fine. Back when I resigned, I had no plans to go back. As for those accusations against me, it’s good that the truth has come to light, but even if it didn’t, I also never thought of going back.”

“I understand. If it were me, I wouldn’t go back either.” Director Sun’s words did surprise Xia Qingwei quite a bit nonetheless.

Director Sun smiled and said, “I’m not here to persuade you. It’s just that the principal ordered me to, so I’m here for the sake of it. Anyway, I’ve relayed his message. However, back then, it was the principal who chased you away indiscriminately and shirked all responsibility. It is so typical of him to run away from problems but try to get a piece when there are benefits. If it were me, I also wouldn’t go back.”

Xia Qingwei really didn’t expect that Director Sun would tell her all that.

Xia Qingwei thanked her. “Thank you.”

“It’s nothing. I couldn’t help you much back then either.” Director Sun was a little sheepish.


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