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(National Music Academy)

“You spoke up for me back then. That was a lot already.”

She chatted with Director Sun a while longer before she ended the call.

However, not long after, Xia Qingwei received another phone call.

“Is this Teacher Xia? Hello, I’m the principal of the National Music Academy. My last name is Chen,” said a male voice.

“Principal Chen, nice to meet you,” Xia Qingwei instantly replied.

“So, I found out that you’ve just resigned. Right now, you haven’t signed a contract with other schools to teach with them, right?” Principal Chen asked.

Xia Qingwei was shocked. From Principal Chen’s words, she could guess what his intentions were.

Perhaps because she guessed it, she was even more surprised.

“What you mean is—”

“Hahaha, you must have guessed it.” Principal Chen smiled and said, “If you haven’t signed a contract with other schools, could you perhaps consider our school? I would like to hire you to work at our school to teach violin lessons.”

Even if she’d just guessed it, hearing it so clearly from Principal Chen, Xia Qingwei was still thoroughly taken aback.

Xia Qingwei took in two deep breaths and steadied her heart. After calming down, she said to Principal Chen, “The National Music Academy is our country’s top music school. To be honest, I’m really shocked and honored that you’ve invited me to teach there. I think that to any music teacher, this would be an irresistible offer.”

“Then you—” Principal Chen still felt that Xia Qingwei would still follow up with a “but.”

Indeed, Xia Qingwei continued and said, “But I indeed am not worthy of this. I am well aware of my own standards, so from the start, I’ve decided to teach children and teach them the basics of the violin. As for the students in your wonderful school, they are already of a pretty decent standard. With my standard, I would indeed be unable to teach them much. If I really were to accept your offer, that would mean I’m too unaware of my own ability. The students would also feel the unfairness, and that might bring a negative image to the school.”

“I’ve seen your performance on Classic X Files. It’s really not bad. You are certainly worthy of being a teacher at our school,” Principal Chen persuaded. “Why don’t you give this some more thought?”

“Thank you for your kind praise,” Xia Qingwei said politely.

She knew that if Principal Chen continued talking like this, it would be very hard to reject him over the phone.

But this push and pull really didn’t have much meaning to it.

Hence, Xia Qingwei tried to delay it first. “Let me think about it more.”

“Sure, I’ll be waiting for good news from you,” Principal Chen agreed readily.

After she hung up the call, Wang Juhuai asked, “Is it from the National Music Academy?”

Xia Qingwei smiled bitterly and nodded. “Yes. Thanks to you, I’ve become famous too. Not only did the previous school I worked for want me back, but even Principal Chen from the National Music Academy called me too, both saying that they wanted to hire me to teach the violin in their schools.”

“That school where you used to work, you should just reject them. That principal’s character isn’t so great. Back when you encountered that incident, he chased you out just like that. Now that he sees some benefit to having you, he wants to take advantage of it. How could he be so lucky? What if something happens in the future? Would he just sell you out or something? You definitely can’t go back to a school led by someone like that,” Wang Juhuai said.

Xia Qingwei nodded. “I was originally neutral towards that principal. I usually just taught my lessons and didn’t have much opportunity to interact with him. However, after this incident, I found that he is indeed someone I shouldn’t work with. I definitely don’t want him to use me and take advantage of me.”

“However, an invitation from the National Music Academy is indeed a good opportunity,” Wang Juhuai said. “What do you think?”

Lu Man looked towards Xia Qingwei too.


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