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(Get Them All One by One)

“Right. With Lu Man’s achievements, she can definitely be nominated.” However, Yan Zhiqing still felt that it was such a pity for Lu Man to lose her nomination for Best Supporting Female Lead.

“I’ve got it.” Han Zhuoli’s voice was low and solemn. “Thank you.”

Thankfully, Yan Zhiqing was in the team. If not, he wouldn’t have even known that they were dirtied.

“Don’t worry, I’ve already talked to Director Sun and Director Ji. Liang Chengbing can dream on about winning anything,” Yan Zhiqing said coldly. “Director Sun, Director Ji, and I have reflected Liang Chengbing’s behavior to the organizers, but we don’t know how they will handle it. We’re just afraid that the organizers would be afraid that it will blow up into a scandal and affect the film festival, so they will still maintain Liang Chengbing’s position as a judge.”

“Just focus on being a judge, I’ll handle that,” Han Zhuoli said.

With Han Zhuoli’s words, Yan Zhiqing could rest assured too.

After hanging up the phone, Han Zhuoli stared coldly for a while.

“What’s the matter?” Lu Man saw that Han Zhuoli was behaving seriously and coldly. She placed her hand on his shoulder and patted lightly. “Is it something in the office, or…? Why are you so angry?”

Han Zhuoli held Lu Man’s hand. “It’s not something about me, it’s about you.”

He trusted Lu Man, so he wasn’t afraid of telling her about this incident.

Even though it was very infuriating, he trusted that Lu Man would be able to take it.

“It’s Liang Chengbing. He’s also one of the judges for the Fei Yue International Film Festival. Zhiqing just gave me a call. For your Best Female Lead award, Liang Chengbing used the reason of your character not being striking enough and rejected your nomination. Other people agreed with him too so you weren’t nominated for this.”

Lu Man nodded. “I expected that too. Even without Liang Chengbing, it would have been difficult for me to be nominated for the Best Female Lead award too.”

“However, your nomination for Best Supporting Female Lead is deserving. Other than Liang Chengbing, other people voted for you. Seeing that he couldn’t stop you with the voting, he used his one and only veto right as a judge,” Han Zhuoli explained. “The competition gave every judge one chance to veto, only this one chance. This was to prevent the judges to use this veto right for the wrong means and to prevent any award from being given unfairly from the judges’ voting.”

“The organizers’ original intention is right, and past batches of judges followed it too and did not wrongly use this right. It was all as precaution in case there was a scenario of an unfair judging where a film or an actor was nominated due to unfair means, and you could use one veto right to kick them out. However, who knew that there would be this lowlife Liang Chengbing this time?” Han Zhuoli said.

Thinking about how he ruined Lu Man’s original Best Supporting Female Lead award nomination, Han Zhuoli still couldn’t swallow it down.

Lu Man didn’t expect that Liang Chengbing would be this shameless.

However, this incident had already happened and Lu Man accepted it readily.

“So that is why you were so angry?” Lu Man had to console Han Zhuoli instead and help quench his fury. “I’m furious too, but that is all over and now I’m better. Anyway, for such awards, it’s my luck to win it but it’s also life even if I don’t win it. It’s not something that would rightfully be mine if I participated in it. Before this, I’ve already felt that it was pretty good that I could be nominated. I didn’t have much expectations of winning. Now, even if I didn’t get nominated, the end result hasn’t changed either.”

“But you originally had a chance.” Han Zhuoli frowned.

“Perhaps so, but no one knows until the very end. Besides, I’m still young, my acting career still has a long way to go. I still have a lot of time to improve myself. This is just a film festival. There are still many other awards that are even more important. I’ll go and get them all one by one,” Lu Man said with a smile.



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